Admin application Zombie escape

Name of Player: Captain Flint

**How many hours do you have on the server? too much, im dios.
Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to Mapeadores Discord? Do you have a microphone?
Yes i have discord and im always lurking in the mapeadores discord.
I do have mic, sometime i lead map to help people play the map.

Who told you to join Mapeadores? How long have you known him?

I found it myself by searching for zombie servers and just joined the one with the lowest ping. never left.

Why do you want to join the community?

Well ive been playing quite too much and we just need active admins in the servers, i often find myself muting all or leaving the server cause the server is pure coronaaids.

Why should we count on you? What can you bring?

I bring discipline during the weekends. I play the most during the weekends so thats when ill be acitive the most.

How old are you? 24.

Do you have experience in server administration?
I have my own discord server with 20 members. so no.

  • would be a great admin!