Administration application Cosmaaa

First thing i know a lot of you gonna laugh so pls take it seriously

Nombre del jugador:


Steam ID:

¿Cuántas horas tienes en el servidor? Usa !tiempovip

443 hours, ORO close to PLATINO

¿Tienes Discord instalado? ¿Cada cuanto te conectas al Discord de Mapeadores? ¿Tienes micrófono?

Yes i have Discord, im active on and i know how to use it. I check all the time mapea discord on my phone or on pc and of course i have a microhpone

¿Quién te dijo que te unieras a Mapeadores?¿Hace cuánto tiempo lo conoces?

I found it by myself. Now is since i think 1 year i join Mapeadores

¿Por qué quieres unirte a la comunidad?

I wan’t to join to improve the community and playability between players because im tired of playing with trollers and retards who play for fuck the immersion of others. And im not sure but there is no French admin on mapea so that should be good to have a french admin cuz i see a lot of french on the server.

¿Por qué deberíamos contar contigo? ¿Qué puedes aportar?

Like i said before im really bored of people who troll and i think i have the experience to be Admin.

¿Cuántos años tienes?

19 years old

¿Tienes experiencia en la administración de servidores?

i have no experience in administration but i know a lot of commands and i want to learn the one i don’t know

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+1 yessir cosmaa i support you my friend

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+1 I like to play with you, good player!

+1 good friendly dude

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