Application for Helper


Player Name

Steam ID

How many hours do you have on the server?
I have played around 1700 hours + on the server

Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to the Mapping Discord? Do you have a microphone?
I have discord installed and I connect almost everyday. Also I do have a microphone but I don’t talk much [in game] but you can always find me in TRLG voice chat.

Who told you to join Mappers? How long have you known him?
Nobody I found the server myself

Why do you want to join the community?
I really want to help the server to stay peaceful and fairly, because now with the Free2Play there are a lot of hackers and voice/chat spammers but also trolling with the items, very annoying.

Why should we count on you? What can you contribute?
I am almost everyday online and i have some experience with being an admin, I know how to act and judge if someone miss behave.

How old are you?
21 years old

Do you have experience in server administration?
Before I joined zombie escape i was admin on a Rust server. and also hosted a server for Arma3 and Dayz, but this was only for my friends to play together

Many Regards,

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why not randy been playing at mapea for months and been good guy if mapea need admin should hire him thats just my recommendation +1 for me


Yeas gud help.



Good guy, randy is an active player, i see him everyday on the server, the server need more active admins, old admins are much less active on the server. I think he will contribute a lot to the server,considering the arrival of new players,trollers,spammers, who disturb us.



Randy is a good guy:wink:


Good player and a peacefull guy +1

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Randy. He is playing in mapea so long, so this is a good plus. He started to behave more seriously and deserve a chance to become helper to admin team. Moreover he is almost 24/7 on server this last few months. So I would recommend him and gave a chance

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+1 from sum sum good guy

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