Banned ffrom server bcz i stay afk sorry

he admin i got banned from server
my name is elma7kouk
i dont know but i stay afk and jump and click i dont use any spam or hack
i swear i stay with mouse and connecting with my phone
i wanna stay along time in server for vip and i dont know if this agains the rourles server
so foregive me for my mistake and for a bad english

You were kicked twice for the same reason (Anti-AFK script), and yet you came back a third time.
“VIP-Farming” isn’t allowed, the ban is only a day long, but I don’t mind reducing it a bit, since you seem to have been unaware.

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bro i swear i dont have anti afk
i play with mouse to stay in server i telling you i dont know the ruoles so sorry bro

Mate you’re just dumb.
If you want to use anti-afk script use do like 30-50 different actions with different timing and later in the code trigger them randomly every 20-35s so you will move/do different things and each action will be triggered with different timing, you won’t get exposed and banned like that.
Tested and used by myself for 3+ years, never got banned.