Batman - join/help the team

Nombre del jugador

Steam ID:

¿Cuántas horas tienes en el servidor? Usa !tiempovip
574 Hours

¿Tienes Discord instalado? ¿Cada cuanto te conectas al Discord de Mapeadores? ¿Tienes micrófono?
I got discord on my Phone(24/7 active) + PC + laptop.
yes i got a microfoon

¿Quién te dijo que te unieras a Mapeadores?¿Hace cuánto tiempo lo conoces?
Found it by my self i knew zombie allready back in css

¿Por qué quieres unirte a la comunidad?

I see that we have many new people joining to the server and that is very good but most of them dont know the rules. i want to teach team how they can behviour in the server. and because im very active from my Phone,pc and laptop when there is a problem in the server i can really quick join the server to help it out. i dont work in weekends i mostly at home then and weekends are probelly the most new joiners in the server. and when i join is it most of the time in the monrings(The Netherlands timezone) till add night im active

¿Por qué deberíamos contar contigo? ¿Qué puedes aportar?
im very active and i know the most off the people that joining the game. i got good connection with them all and most of the guys got my number social media stuff so they can Always let me know if there is some problems in the server. I do also speak more languages

¿Cuántos años tienes?
Im 23 years old

¿Tienes experiencia en la administración de servidores?
Yes, i have been a admin on a jailbreak server for like few years before joining the zombie server i got alot of experince


+1, fun and relaxed guy on the server.

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+1 nice guy who is active a lot. Leads teams very well.

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+1 , really funny and chill on the server, most of all, he is helpful to the community

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Active player: +1
Kind to other players: 1+
Not a troll: +1
Has played on the server for a while: +1
Trustfactor: 9 out of 10

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-1, makes weird accent.


+1, I wish I was him. That’s how good he is.


+1, activate guy and a decent player as well!

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-10 aaaaaaaaaaa zebi he is active and trustful player and was an admin on another server so he has experience with being an admin.The old admins are not active when it comes to soft maps or fun maps so why not make him admin to take care of the screaming ruski kids [nothing personal sofex] +11

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+1 worth a try i cant say if hes fit or not but hes not a troll hes active on server he can communicate well with people. and people can trust him so i say hes worth been admin afterall server need more admin to step up!!

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Help me mute those people who are stopping our way to the victory, gogogo

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+1 good guy, old admin are inactive or just play one time every week
Active member too, many times when i connect they is no admins online, take a decision morell ur server is dying thanks

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I wouldn’t comment but comments like this makes my day ty.


+1 Yes Batman know the rules and also the players. I think him good for take decision when is itme moment came. Good bye:légèrement_message:

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+1 active and friendly player, most of the time he can keep calm.

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+1 for batman, normal player. Who is trying to help and lead the team. So my big plus to bats

Thanks to evreyone for the support i appricate it

Thank you

+1 , best microphone