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I wrote a guideline about how to be a zombie escape leader, please go in, take a look, and blame me for any mistake.

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CSGO zombie escape leader guideline from qazlll456

Inspire by Unorth

Table of content



Leading preparation

  • Hardware requirement

  • Speaking sound quality

  • Relationship with other active players

  • Audience acceptance of a leader

The moment before you leading

  • Seek for the right time to lead

  • Claim to be a leader

  • Do not interfere with any other leader

During leading

  • Create uniqueness of a leader

  • Be well known of environment

  • Identify loyalty player and toxic player

  • Observe and control skilful player

  • Let the audience involve of your decision

  • Emergency emotional first aid

After leading

  • Making good relationship with loyalty player

  • Appreciate other people trusting you

  • Don’t always be the leader

-The bystander effect and helping effect



This guideline is made by qazlll456 for concluding the sequence of ideas about leading in CSGO zombie escape mode. After over 1000 hours played time to become a zombie escape leader, I decided to conclude everything that I used and learned by was I am a zombie escape leader.

Unorth is a person that inspired me to start leading, by his legendary skills, he is a trustworthy and reliable leader and friend. I have learned some zombie escape leader skills from him, so his name should be honoured here for all the good reason.

This guideline will be divided into six-part:


Leading preparation

The moment before you leading

During leading

After leading


Leading preparation

The Leading preparation is talking everything that you can do before you take the lead, it involves different area, so even you are not qualified in one area, and you can work on other areas that you are capable.

Pronounce your words correctly

“Practise consonant sounds which are difficult for speakers of your first language. Practise pronouncing them loudly and clearly. Think about your tongue, teeth and airflow.”

There is much reason that these two reasons have chosen from the report.

Be confident is very important in a place full of people come from the world, good person and bad person, but the most, it is full of silence person. They actually don’t care what you have spoken, they may don’t even know what you are talking about. Because they don’t speak the language you are speaking. A mistake will be often coming up when you at the beginning section. It is a status to everyone will happen.

Pronounce your words correctly is necessary as a leader. All other people rely on you. When you speak it wrong, speak it incorrectly and let other people misunderstand what you had spoken, it will cause a serious effect which is losing the game. Your accent isn’t your problem. You don’t need to care your accent when you able to communicate with others. But clearly, your accent problem is not the same as pronouncing.

Here is a TED Talk video talk about English speaking,

From the Speaker “Heather Hansen”.


For other languages e.g. Spanish, please refer to your own school class when you learn as a child.

Or, Duolingo []

Relationship with other players

Help from the others is very important, I would state some example here for a good situation when you are the leader.

Example 1:

More than 10 men support your leadership and speak loud wanted you to become the leader.

Example 2:

There is no other person here wanted to lead.

Example 3:

The admin won’t stop your leading and help you stop others interrupt you.

So, the opposite and bad situation for you will be as follow:

Example 1:

No one support you to be the leader.

Example 2:

There is a person/group of people stand out to disagree or even against you to be the leader.

Example 3:

The admin will stop you by mute you or anything to stop you.

A leader is nothing without an audience.

If the leader leading group of people, it is a flexible place.

About becoming a leader:

  1. No one can stay forever

  2. No one needs to stay forever

  3. Don’t make a person stay forever

  4. Change the leader when you needed

  5. And respect other people who are the leader

No one has to listen to anyone, everyone feels free to do whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want. Don’t force anyone to listen to any leader,

Obey Causality, someone did stupid things, he deserves to die. We are never able to wake people up when they fake sleep.

Audience acceptance of a leader

How important you are?

A simple test can help you.

  1. Become the leader.

  2. Stop speaking instantly at one point.

  3. Check how many people die / when people start dying after you are silencing.

When you are needed to most, people will die immediately the moment you silence.

When no one needed you, no one even notices you are silencing.

Some complicated case will be just a few people died and difficult to know that these people died is it count on you.

This table can apply to a theory from me; to measure a leader performance and ability, use a percentage of the living after the round win to identify. When a leader almost every time only he survival, equally mean he abandon everyone around him. So, on the other hand; when a leader can maintain the living percentage from the beginning, it is a good leader since from the beginning.

There one especially case I want to point out, there is a type of leader will help their self and their friends, and not included others. Sometimes you may survival as a “side effect”, but their main purpose of leading wasn’t to save you, it is the man “talking” and their friends.

The moment before you leading

Observe a suitable time for you and others. Do not force yourself or others to become a leader. When your suggestion will affect him, he could receive bad consequences from being a leader, you or anyone should not force anyone to do something they don’t want it.

Seek for the right time to lead

3 Factor in a game that can measure; Map, player and leader.
T2. Table of 3 suitable time factor to lead

In this list, as a multiple option list, it can drive to many results.

The best situation here will be ”13579”, when you know the route, people know, love and recommend you become the leader. Also, you have no sickness affected you to speak.

The worst situation here will be “02468”, when you don’t know the route, people don’t know, love and don’t recommend you become the leader. Also, you have sickness or tired affected you to speak.

Claim to be a leader

Legitimacy, justifiability and official leader place are necessary. Especially when you have no power except talking.

Most of the server right now able to claim to be the leader, after you claimed, the official staff should help you to verify you are the only one who speaking and leading. So, if you don’t claim, the word from you is more than a “suggestion” more than a “command”. Besides, others can interfere with you, such as saying completely opposite things from you, at this moment, there are not much to do to convince people why you are trustable.

The first group of people should help you is the administrator, they have the right to maintain the official leader leadership. When you claimed to be the leader and if the administrator didn’t help you at this point, the legitimacy of the leader will be questioning for all people. People may even think is this server care the leader? Why even the official leader will be interfered by the bad player?

The second group of people should help you is the people who are listening to you, over here, the reality is weird, there are 3 groups of people exist here, the people always listen to the leader, the people always don’t listen to the leader, and the people always listen to anyone speaking. A more strange issue will be all these 3 groups of people can divide into a dominant group and a recessive group.

Based on the information above, a table can be made as follow:Table%20of%20dominant%20and%20recessive%20player
T3. Table of dominant and recessive player

“Good player” means good to leader leadership. But “Good player” does not mean skilful or professional, as a teamwork game, the “Bad player” make his own decision and harm others to protect his own fun or life is a danger to others. If a person messes up and fixes his own fail, stop blame him because he repaired the situation.

Do not interfere with any other leader

It is a situation talking about that you shall respect other people that are leading right now. Until he dies in the game or leaves, you shouldn’t put your decision over others that are listening to the official leader.

Let other people can blame him completely when he failed when you interfere, his responsibility is spilt to you since you didn’t let him lead completely, he got a gap to Slip away his own failures.

On the other hands, honour him when he leads completely and didn’t make any mistake to save everyone.

During leading:

Identify loyalty player and toxic player

4 type of people, obviously loyalty player , hidden loyalty player , obviously toxic player and hidden toxic player .

First, let define loyalty player, loyalty does not mean skilful, experiencing or professional. Since this is a team-based game, let us ignore all the exception case of people don’t need to follow and still pass through, a leader may demand people to follow his custom strategy to go thought. For example, want a healer heal at the door.

Second, the definition of a toxic player will be purposefully or accidentally kills people. Intend is unimportant when the result involved dead. The toxic player had morally responsible, it got several ways that the toxic player kills people, for example, from purposefully edged inside the bunker let enemy kills him and then kill all other people inside it; accidentally used item blocked the escape way and everyone dies.

Third, announce anyone being toxic or toxic people out loud. You probably see them, but others loyalty player didn’t notice. They may too focus on defending or new to the map. Also, you may not able to stop it immediately or can’t stop them. Then, save the most as you can and let go about the people are going to die.

You are not god. If God exists, why would he see people die when they believed him? Probably you trust the wrong god/ the god doesn’t want to protect you/ there is no god.

Welcome to polytheism [] world. Since your god you trust don’t respond to you, do you want to try some new god?

  1. Egyptian mythology


  1. Religion in ancient Rome []

  2. Ancient Greek religion


  1. Taoism []

  2. Shinto []

Observe and control skilful player


D2. Diagram of Teammate Zombie escape skills

I divided 5 levels of skills of zombie escape. From the top “dodge laser”, High Parkour”, “Low Parkour”, Double jump” and “Normal jump”. Actually, there is one secret level, named “totally new” on the bottom line.

Cannikin Law (木桶原理)


There is no English version I can found, the translation from me will be "A barrel value is defined as the water it can contain. But the key factor to design how many waters it contains is not the longest board, it is the shorter board. Which mean the shorter part of any organization is the limit of what it can be done.”

The “shorter part” can be represented as a person or a group of people in an organization, for example, the weakest group of people in a game. The “shorter part” is not fit the minimum required performance, such as defending skills, running skills, cover skills, and reaction skills.

In other words, instead of getting a lot of professional players, we should avoid keeps changing the weakest people in a place, and help them improve their skills to maintain our game experience. Because when the strongest player goes to your place to play, they won’t stay, they are coming for any purpose, but the point is they are going to stay temporary, they have no sense of belonging to the place. Always train new player and treat them good. It is the best way to increase the sense of belonging of the new people come to the place that you have a sense of belonging.

Let the audience involve of your decision

I found there 4 stages of human awareness of something.

Obvious agree or hidden agree and obvious disagree or hidden disagree .

First, agree and disagree is a personal choice, we don’t need to care that much why he made the choice, we should care what can we interact with and what is the effect of it.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Do not base on a conclusion to confirm by backwards method, for example, you assumed this is a hard map, for now, so you decided the team can’t win after you persuade them they can’t win the current map, and then they really lost the game. You have done yourself into a state named “self-fulfilling prophecy”. You assumed yourself can’t win, and then you “work hard” to make yourself lose, and then finally you lost the game as you assumed.

To avoid these such as ridiculous loop, you need to change the perspective.

You can say:

“This is a difficult map, we played a lot of time and still lost, we don’t know what going to happen this time, let’s try!”

“We just played an easy map and turned to this hard map, it is a big change but we can handle it!”

The solution of avoiding “self-fulfilling prophecy” is don’t assume result. Honest to yourself and others, you don’t know the future. Future can be changed by everyone reaction, your skills and knowledge react to other people can create a new effect.

Emergency emotional first aid

The following section is based on the YouTube video “How to practice emotional first aid | Guy Winch” (

According to the video, a number of points are concluded.

Reaction of Loneliness

“It makes us believe that those around us care much less than they actually do.”(05:51) when you fail or made a mistake during the leading, it is easy to blame yourself, every mistake you made, it increased the sad emotion inside your heart. For example, hopeless (“no one can save this team”), anger (“ah, they are very useless”), frustration (“why they can be so low skills”), confuse (“are these people want to win”), jealous (“someone was leading very well, why can’t I do it”), depressed (“I am so useless that can’t even lead this team”).

“But loneliness is defined purely subjectively, it depends solely on whether you feel emotionally or socially disconnected from those around you” (06:16)

Reaction of Failure

According to the video, he used an example when he observed 3 kid playing the same toy in a day-care centre, Kid A, B and C. The toy is a plastic toy that with many buttons, and there is one red button to slide to let a doggie pop out. Kid A tried and fail to do it, and give up with sad feeling. Kid B didn’t even touch and start crying. And the same time, Kid C tried, finally get the dog pop up and end up with happy.

So, three kids here can represent the most type of people we met, the first kind will be tried and failed, the second kind will be don’t even tried and already give up, the last kind will keep trying and win eventually. Everyone definitely capable to succeed, but they set a mindset that they can’t succeed. It sounds familiar because it can call a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Reaction of rejection

Getting rejected is painful, no matter the people reject your lead, or people reject to follow. It is very dangerous to think why people reject you and your amplification your weakness or sadness. Since you can’t stop people to reject you, but you can ignore it and move on.

Protect your self-esteem

I am not an expert to help people create their self-esteem, so, I would like to suggest you go find other outsourced guidelines to help you create self-esteem.

Stop re-looping the same emotion

“Self-fulfilling prophecy” can lead to good some time, when you assumed you can win and it does, it will feel double happiness. In order words, you will feel double sadness. Do not rethink the same things, when the emotion came, let it go.

This is hard to change because the thought will come over and over again, the thought will come so deep and hard to you, forcing you to keep thinking about that, in the end, lead you or us to a terrible event to you or to all people.

After leading:

Everything discussed here should not be related to the leading time, it is a future development. No instant effect, by keep doing these kinds of work, it good for a long-term relationship and the future.

Making good relationship with loyalty player

Thank them

Appreciate other people trusting you at the end of a game, it is very important to let people know they are useful to the game because they don’t realize it. If they don’t realize it, it will decrease the motivation of people on playing here or this game, lead to the result of leaving.

By doing this, I suggest all leader need to point out how useful a person specifically.

For example:

  1. [Person A threw a grenade to the bottom of a stair successfully cover a lot of people avoid being dead, the one who saved need to thank him.]

[General scenario use]

  1. [Person B risk his life to press the button to open the door and saved us, everyone please thank for that.]

[Zombie escape map - LOTR-Mount doom use]

  1. [Person C sacrifice himself to save all of us, everyone type thank in the chat please.]

[Zombie escape map - LOTR-Mine of Moria use]

In other words, a leader should publicly shame a person with detail when he being toxic.

Recognize them

Remember them, it’s not hard, right? Add them as friends.

Connect them

Use a different platform to let people stuck together. For example, discord.

“Time to say goodbye with skype and TeamSpeak”

Open a group, invite some friends and have fun together.

Don’t always be the leader

Acceptance of the audience

This part is explaining the status of the audience. Status means the current condition of most people in the group, it is a floating number, and it cannot be definite, because it based on the human mind, one of the uncertain things in the world. The situation will make people have a status, after a period of time, the status will be updated, it can remain or changed but it needs to update, to let people know it is the current status.

I created some status to describe some situation a leader may face.

  1. Doubt

  2. Accept

  3. Trust

  4. Refuse

  5. Interfere

Doubt will be the first status a leader must face, no matter it is the first time of his lead, or a person first time to meet him, the doubt will always come at first because everyone doubts everything they have seen the first time is acceptable and common.

At this point, I would like to use two YouTube video to explain how to gain trust.


How to build (and rebuild) trust | Frances Frei


Why we get mad – and why it’s healthy | Ryan Martin

I would not use all suggestion from the video, because it is a video about how to be effective in a business situation.

If you are not a leader, and you are looking for a good leader factor, I can introduce one for everyone. To define a leader is it good, by counting how many people live from the beginning to the ending by percentage are following and listening to him.

First Video – How to build trust

The explain section of the video

The first video [How to build (and rebuild) trust | Frances Frei] described a trust triangle represented three-component how trust was built. Authentic, Logic and empathy (03:20). If all component works great, you are highly possible for being trusted.

P1. Trust triangle

And the first video also described two triangle model of how you should represent your opinion (07:42).

Method A: [The triangle tip at the bottom.] You provide evidence, example, twist, story or phase, after a long time, then tell your point.

Method B: [The triangle tip at the top.] You straight to the point and then provide evidence when you got time or when it is needed.

Method B is the suggested method. Because Method A got an opportunity that not able to represent fully about your idea if you got cut off before you are done. Instead, method B will allow you to get the credit when you say it first no matter others spoke anything tries to snatch it.

The suggestion section combine with the video

The three-factor of the trust triangle: Authentic, Logic and empathy


When you are alone, you can be the most realistic, consistent and happy about yourself. But when you work with others, it can be still easy with many people who like you, the people you stay with can feel the same, do the same and wanted the same things. This is going to be the easiest situation to work or lead with.

However, the world is full of different people, from the base to easiest see the different and the top to see almost impossible to see the difference. From outlook to inside mind, language, state, nation, organization, group, faction, clan and religious, all the category you may find a person is completely different from you, but the most case, you will find people are mostly different from you, after a period of time, you will create a group of people that are small different from you or slightly different from you, in other words, you found some friends.


Physical behaviour eventually leads to an emotional result. I admit I am not an expert about emotion, the video follow is suggested for any that not common about empathy or how to do it.

BUILDING EMPATHY: How to hack empathy and get others to care more | Jamil Zaki | TEDxMarin

Second Video - Why we get mad

The explain section of the video

“Anger is a powerful and healthy force in your life.” (02:30)

A small thing like got angry from the men walk slowly in front of you or a big thing like corruption, these are the motivation of a human.

But we need to know why we get mad first and how do we deal with it. To get mad, we mostly are feeling unhappy emotion and unwilling stopped physically. Example be like feel unfair, goals blocked or powerless.

And then we identify the issue is good or bad to ourselves. The same accident will get a different level of anger based on our situation, are we hurry, or we can tolerate without any serious consequences.

The suggestion section combine with the video

As a leader, you may not need to wait you get angry to lead, you possibly go lead when you see people are in danger, or people send a request to you and want you to help them.

Mostly, the situation of everything is fine and smooth, but you may not always want to lead, you may get tired, or you have no mood to lead as a leader, you want to be a player to play relaxed.

The men care the most, he is the most tired. If you can tolerate people dying, they die because misunderstand, they die because of all toxic player, they die because of fake information and everyone lose the game, then you probably won’t do anything to help anyone and lose together every round.

According to the video, this is a provocation lure you fulfil justice, you may not feel anger when innocent people died, you may not feel anger too when stranger died. Meanwhile, you may feel anger when your friends died. Ultimately, you definitely feel anger when you died.

When you feel anger, does it make you want to do something? The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. (

During the game, the flight action can simply explain as leaving. On the other hand, the fight action is multiple options, as a leader, you can lead your follower to fight together. As an experienced player, you can tell the correct information to other people, as a skilful player, you can use your skill knowledge to help, hide, hit, anything to help others.

The bystander effect and helper effect

The reason this part is placing “After leading” section instead of “Leading preparation”, it is because I define this part as a tool to analyse your leadership and the relationship with people, you won’t know it before the first time you lead and the place you first time to lead.

The bystander effect

The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological claim that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. (Bystander effect - Wikipedia,

The helper effect

The guideline suggests that when an individual (the “helper”) provides assistance to another person, the helper may benefit. (Helper theory – Wikipedia,

The environment with a group of random people

There is a very rare chance to have the same group of people from the last game or from the next game. In other words, every day, every round could play with different people, some people maybe you had seen them before, they are your friends or the people you feel familiar with, these people are not the target of this section , since you know them, you should already know who they are and what they do the most. You friend or the people you feel familiar with will know you too at the same time, if you already become a leader before, they will know you understand the play area, how to win with the team, so, they will not interrupt you or anyone is leading and play together.

On the other hand, some people are new, they may be the first time playing with you, they could be the first time playing in this place and they could be the first time playing this game mode, they are the group of people will be affected by the bystander effect and helper effect. Let me define a word, for now, to explain this situation simply, “these unknown individuals”.
T4. Status of a different situation

According to this table, 4 situations are coming out, no leader is leading to win or lose, and the leader is leading to win or lose.
P.2 No leader situation
P.3 Leader situation

Situation 1

When there is no leader leading and people keep losing.

Situation 2

When there is no leader leading and people can win.

Situation 3

Where there is the leader leading people and he leads people to death.

Situation 4

Where there is the leader leading people and he leads people to victory.

Exception case about leader wrong decision

4 stage about 4 levels of responsibility:

  1. No responsibility at all – 0%

  2. Low responsibility – 25%

  3. Medium responsibility – 50%

  4. High responsibility – 75%

  5. Full responsibility – 100%

By defining the responsibility of the leader decision, the follower can see how much how the decision is involved by the follower himself. For example, directions command. The leader told you to go to the left side and all of you were dead, in this situation, the leader is full responsibility. Another example, Restriction command. The leader told you don’t go inside an area, and you step in went to death, in this situation, the leader is no responsibility at all.

Above mentioned the presumption of general situations, next, let’s discuss the effect combine with the bystander effect and helper effect.

The bystander effect is working when there is no one helping, or people ask for helping by just saying “anyone?” this will loop when no one dares to help. This is a good timing anyone who actually capable and willing to lead, because no one will stop you, and people are needed help.

The helper effect is working when you or anyone are willing to help and step out helping people, more people will come out and do real helping or destroy people because the helper effect attracted people come to do something, but when some people can fully handle the situation, extra people are not needed, and maybe even worse, they are not capable to help at all, the only thing they are doing is confusing people by giving fake and (or) wrong suggestion.

After both effects affected you when you are the leader, the helper effect should over after a while and you will become the only trustworthy, capable and useful leader.


This article is a summary of qazlll456 leader experience in the zombie escape server “Mapeadores” (, it is completely biased, personal opinion and imperfect guideline.

The guideline aims to be a reference to be a better “person”, not just a “leader”, after reading the guideline, you should become more reasonable to the people who are low skills and speak other languages, let a better-qualified person help other peoples, respect other leaders that are working well, start caring everyone mind health while playing.

Since no one pays for these leaders to lead, I suggest everyone should really appreciate and thanks to them when they help you to win and live. It is hard to find people do something for free in modern society.

If you are a leader from before, present or future, you should know that no one should follow you by no reason, you can do a mutual benefit behaviour related to your follower by saving them, and then your follower shall follow you and listen to your command.

Do not try to save everyone, no one has to follow someone, sometime some people refuse to follow anyone, and that is not a problem, in order words, people have the freedom to go to die, but do care that some people will want to make people die with them.

The end of the guideline


Glad you took a lot of your time to help other players and strike for a better zombie escape experience, i hope you do well and come back some time soon.

regards pompie!