Delete this 10 char limit

stupid 20 char limit


+rep. This server needs a strict admin and Shibo would be the very best choice I know.

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:+1: Thumbs up for me, cool guy and follow the rules. (well nearly everytime KEK)

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We need a guy like him, there’s a lot of people that mess up goods rounds cuz they overtalk/mic spam when leaders are speaking and some of them just troll with items… and Shibo always tries to maintain order and warn them to stop. He’s not the “nicest” guy, but that’s exactly what we need for this “job”. Overall he does way more good than warm :+1:


sometimes a bit toxic but will take his role as admin seriously +1


I’d also believe that he would do a good job. He got good presence in the server, whether it be time online or respect from other players.

I like the guy a lot. He would be the admin who knows when to have fun (boosting) and when to try hard. Unlikely like the other admin who only wants to be serious 100% the time. After all this is a video game. People should be enjoying and have a good time. <3 Shibo

will be good admun, also, imagine playing on mapea 100% seriously and banning ppl 4Weird , whole server is fun coz ppl play it for fun and trolls except late hours ¯_(ツ)_/¯

+1.Shibo is a good choice.This server needs new admins, especially now, when 70% of admins are inactive or useless and lazy bots.
do something.

Shibo admin? OH nonononono


Vote for this guy. (not only because he will mute the Dimaphh)


+1 Shibo can be a very good admin i guess :female_detective:

I love you buddy but i have to give you this -1
so its a NO from me …

+1 We need a some active admins who can control all the baboons, ppl actually listen to him.
He would take the role as admin serious if he gets the chance.

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its +1 for me, very active, serious when needed and just a friendly guy. Really active, we need active admins, so just for that would be a yes for me.

+1 When someone is toxic or annoying on the mic, he will verbally destroy them and it’s very entertaining

He likes chocolatine alot! So +1 from me.

+vouch would cleanse this server as needed

+1 behind all shitto bully words theres a good badmin i know