Does this even matter?

Admin applications from good players already one year old or more and still not even a reply from the management about the status of their application.
Meanwhile baboons wilding on the server daily with rare admin appearances, just saying.

Don’t kill the messenger.

forum is a dead land, go to discord for info and discussion. :wink:

@maikemi Keep in mind that being a “good player” does not equal to being an admin.

Second off, there is almost always an admin on at all times. Incase there isn’t one at the time that’s where the “!call” feature comes in handy, and an admin joins to take care of it then. This is not just me rambling up some random things either, since i can see it myself that each time somebody has been reported where an admin hasn’t been there, it was taken care of shortly after.

I agree tbh
Stefan is a baboon :monkey:

Good players can’t be admins because this is baboon server.

Yes, it does matter. I don’t know what you would expect anyone to actually say. Are we to say, “Yes, we’ve read it” each time? I don’t see it feasible. It’s also like if we’re doing anything towards the server itself (spoilers: we have been). While we don’t actively announce ‘yes’ or 'no’s they are all actively being read and tossed around in ideas. Just because an application isn’t accepted immediately doesn’t mean they won’t ever be accepted.

Meanwhile baboons wilding on the server daily with rare admin appearances, just saying.

If you believe this is the case, !call (through chat) is actively there and working. Mind you, abusing this function goes nowhere. If you believe you’re being ignored, try using team chat ‘@’ followed by your message to try and get through. We don’t treat it as a job and it’d be very dumb to treat it as one. We would all get burned easily by it. It’s all in good fun, really.

Something to add there a bit - active players are also worthy as admins. Those that actively play and don’t just come and go. The ones complaining are the ones long term that would be burned out themselves and likely be discouraged to continue playing. Believe me, it’s real and most of our admins have gone through that themselves. That’s what the “good fun” stands for.