ffviii bahamut for CSS


Hello mapeadores!

First sorry for my english i am hungary

Your skins are the best and you have the best team.
I’m need the bahamut from the final fantasy viii for CS:S
The bahamut from the final fantasy viii it’s my favorite.

I hope you can make it.

Here some picture and sorry i didn’t find better picture:

Thank you!


I hope too the ffviii bahamut is my favorite too.
I think Kaem can make it


Hi :).

I have this skin files, but do not see it as a player skin, would be very difficult, set in the arms and legs are very small…

I see more skin for a map with custom animations…

Anyway as soon as you return home I will see in depth :smiley:


How long until you do it


So how long when was made?
and sorry if i wrote badly


sorry but i realy want this skin


Is the skin for a map or for a server (skinplayer)?


For a player skin


I found this pic on the net i want like this or somethink else


Well, the first, sorry, i now don’t models for player (Official Animations), i’m now more interested in models with different skeletons from the CS:S and i’m working on creating animations from 0…

Your image is of a model of Unreal Tournament 2004, and modding in this is easier than in the CS:S.
I explain, the skeleton that uses UT2004 is different from the CS:S, to create a model in UT2004 single u have to adapt the bone to the mesh of the model, and the official animations perfectly fit. This pass in many games…

With which u can make a giant in UT2004 with triple the size a normal model and model and animations work perfectly. In the CS:S is quite the opposite, in the CS:S requires u to use a single skeleton and a only size mandatorily.

All this to say that this model is totally incompatible with official animations of CS:S .

I have this model files, if someday you want them ask me and u step. If someday need it for a map with custom animations, u can count on me.

I hope you understand it and feel it.