Helper app


Nombre del jugador:

Steam ID:

¿Cuántas horas tienes en el servidor? Usa !tiempovip
Around 350, to be exact at this point in time 348 hours.

¿Tienes Discord instalado? ¿Cada cuanto te conectas al Discord de Mapeadores? ¿Tienes micrófono?
Si, discord is installed and being used daily. Mic enabled

¿Quién te dijo que te unieras a Mapeadores?¿Hace cuánto tiempo lo conoces?
Nobody, found it myself.

¿Por qué quieres unirte a la comunidad?
The main reason I write this application at the present time is because I believe Mapeadores need more active admins/helpers around the clock. I sometimes notice no admins around which leaves these gaps for mic spammers, trollers to do what ever they want to do. Which from my point of view can start a domino effect, that from one person acting stupidly can lead to many people acting stupidly. Because of the fact that it is frustrating when someone trolls/spam. I’d like to minimize these gaps as much as I can. In order to make the server fun and exciting to play on.

¿Por qué deberíamos contar contigo? ¿Qué puedes aportar?
I’m pretty much online everyday and at all times try to communicate with the players online. I know a tad spanish due to the fact that I’ve been taught spanish throughout the secondary school. I can already draw to your attention my spanish is lousy, but I know how spanish sounds. I’ll try my best to make the server a better place with a civil level.

¿Cuántos años tienes?
18 years old.

¿Tienes experiencia en la administración de servidores?
Sadly I do not have any admin experience. But I have been keeping an extra eye on how admins handle mic spam, trollers, etc… Which have gave me a perception on how it works.



+1 for me, present everyday on the server, good guy


+1 from me too, i see him on the server often. He’s swedish though.


+1 good guy, often on server. Big plus being Swedish.


+1, good guy and too active, also a kind person which you can have a good day playing with and of course, he’s Swedish.


good and friendly boy, very active.