Helper Application


[INDENT]Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:26577839

How many hours do you have on the server?


Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to the Mapping Discord? Do you have a microphone?

[COLOR=#212121][SIZE=8px][INDENT]Depends what you mean by connect, I check it when theres new stuff or need to write something.[/INDENT]


Who told you to join Mappers? How long have you known him?

Depends what you mean by join again, got advice on this application from Unorth and Blue Ranger and some TRLG people. Known them for years. [/INDENT]

[INDENT]Why do you want to join the community?

I want to be a part of the team. I believe I can help out in terms of keeping this running smoothly. I like this community and the servers.

Why would they count on you? What can you contribute?

I’ve been an admin of several other clans, including TRLG since it was created so I have some experience in terms of being an admin/management or whatever you wan to call it.

How old are you?

Around the same age as most people on the admin team (between 20 and 30)

Do you have experience in server administration?

Not in a cs go server, though I know some of the commands. I hope someone could help me with this, if and when you give me a chance.[/INDENT]

Note: this is a repost in the sense that I have applied earlier (~6 months ago iirc) but never received any sort of response and with the advice of some people I’m posting this again.



trustworthy helpful guy
old player in the server never troll never cause any trouble
i hope you can give him a chance


I have seen many People in the 800+ Hours i have spent on the Server and Poope is one of the People that i really have faith and trust in that he would be such a good Support for your Team. Poope is one of the most relaxed Persons i know, he never trolls around (serious Trolls), im sure he would make an Perfect Helper. He definetly needs a Chance to Prove himself.
+1 from me

/slap Blue


+1 hes nice player always friendly he defently worth been admin on server.


I would like to see him in the admin team +1 from my side


Welcome to the admin team.


Welcome any kinda help just ask


Thank you Morell and thank you Li-ion for helping me out with the commands and stuff yesterday - didn’t know as much as I thought I did jaja.