HL2 Survivor


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This is a preview video for my Half-Life 2: Survivor Ver2.0 Model Pack demonstrating all 61 player models ported from the hit Japan-exclusive arcade game by Taito. This pack includes the Combine and Resistance teams, all five classes (Engineer, Ranger, Sniper, Soldier, and Medic) for each team, male and female types of every class, three head variations for every character, and Gordon Freeman himself, the only official Gordon model ever to be created for the Source engine!

For more Half-Life 2: Survivor Ver2.0 videos, check this playlist:…

Also, I give my gratitude to the kind individual who was willing to share this game with me and the Half-Life community as a whole. Your generosity will not be forgotten through all eternity.

Maybe too much work? Don’t know :rolleyes:
Direct download (Only the player models):…vor_Models.rar
Other Survivor-related releases:
Engineer with HL2 anims, a better vmt, and a better phys - By wraithcat
Player models recompiled for SFM, with the team color skins as skin groups, mostly-repaired flexes, and moved into a separate folder - By The Kins
Updated Gordon Model - By LurkyLurker


T_T suka bled


What do you want?


Gordon Freeman atleast (i have plans to use it for map) but in general would be nice to see most combine female models since original hl2 don’t have them. Also most of the models fit very well with HL2 pack which S-Low ported.


It’s for CSS or CSGO?