I dont understand

At 17:55 on September 23, 2022, I was playing ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_p5 with my friends, and I don’t know why this admin “Hichatu” banned me, but when the map was delayed for the second time, I saw some zombies using various props. The administrator did not say which props are not allowed to use! After I used the props, I didn’t break the balance of the game, but I was inexplicably banned for no reason and no explanation.
I can’t find my ban record on “”, so I don’t understand why? And there are individual administrators who change the map at will, without explaining why they want to change the map. I would like to ask this administrator “Hichatu”, when you see an ID similar to the Asian symbol and ban it, are you racist or what?

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I hope other responsible administrators can explain to me, thank you very much.

If you were the guy with Korean name, then you were banned for inflating each round. You let yourself killed at the start of every single round to pick the zombie items.

I did not know there was this subterfuge bro, because I think zombie props are interesting, but I also did not destroy the balance of the game, humans are also winning xd.

And after I took the zombie prop I didn’t kill other players xd,

I’d like to correct this URL “SourceBans Mapeadores”, I can’t find here how long I’ve been banned and why.

I am the player who was ban with him, so I have a question about the definition of inflating, is there a clear rule for ZE server? In other words, I’m AFK for a while and when I continue to play, I can’t go use zombie items even as a zombie right? If I come back from AFK every time I’m a zombie and I use zombie items, am I considered inflating and will I be banned? If I like to play with zombies. If I choose to get killed in the opening game, will I also be defined as inflating and get banned? I hope you can explain this to me, please.

You both intentionally died each round (and on other maps too) to take zombie items. That’s inflating and is not allowed on most ZE servers.

It’s only a one day ban.

Then I want to ask you, did I break the balance of the game? Did I intentionally use props to kill other players? Did humans win? So I turned into a zombie and caused some mistake? My friend and I have been playing on this server for 7 or 8 years, we’ve both been paying members, and I’d like to ask you, how long have you been banning me?

Inflating is inflating, I don’t care if you killed anyone or not.

So that’s your definition of inflating right? Or the question earlier, so if I get killed while I’m in AFK, am I then considered inflating when I go back to use the zombie prop? I’m not interested in how long it takes to get banned. I’m just trying to figure out the reason for this ban. My English is limited, and I don’t know if anyone in the game has ever warned me about it or not. I just don’t want a similar phenomenon to occur in the future. So I’d better trouble you to give me another answer.

I noticed many times, you guys died for zombie items, on many maps. If you were afk this time I’m sorry but that can’t speak for the multiple other times you did it.

So you’re invincible? You get to decide who can play and who can’t, right? If you saw what my friend and I were doing in the game, why didn’t you prompt us in the game? Or open a mic and say so? Instead you just ban me? Can I understand that you see Asian ID symbols and ban them, or are you racist?

Lastly, I would like to ask you, if I want to use zombie items in ZE server, I can only get them if I start as a zombie or get killed on my way to escape. Is this correct?

Uh, yeah? That’s how it works here and everywhere else.

Ok, I have no more questions. I wish you good health.

Forget it,bro, you also ban me for 1 day, right? I don’t want you to have to explain something to me, but all I can tell you is that I think it would be more enjoyable than it is now if you approached the problem differently next time.