Idc anymore i wait my ban

idc anymore i wait my ban.

The whole story also includes that you picked up the most importent item used to early and even when you got told to get back so everyone get healed you laughed and refused to do.

You’ve fake called multiple times on Fapescape with a bunch of admins on who for some reason didn’t notice it, and trolled with items.

You trolled earlier on shroomforest “I’ll drop heal into lava” and then did so, did not get banned for this either, for some reason.

And now, you got caught, and you cry, like the child you are. The ban is surprisingly kind for the ammount of trolling you’ve gotten away with.

If it was up to me, you’d get a week ban as a warning.


If you continue on your current path then that will be the case yes. You on the other hand also have the option to change and not be a stinker human being. Your choise at the end of the day since i’ve given you a chance to show otherwise.

Could I talk to FrodoBangings? 2 or 3 years ago I got a permanent mute for spamming, I say it to take my mute off, I’m no longer spammer