Map cooldown info

Hi all,

Firstly let me introduce myself - I am a complete noob who has a few favourite maps and most of the time I prefer joining the server when those maps are being played.

Recently I found out about a command (!mapas) which kind of gives you an idea of what are the last 32 maps played. However, I also understand some maps are set to longer cooldown than the others. If you are a more regular player than me you would probably have better estimation about how much time has left for a specific map to be nominated if it is not in the list of !mapas.

That being said, I would have highly appreciated if there was an option that clearly states the exact time left for each map to be available for nomination again.

All the best

  1. Join mapeadores Discord
  2. Go to the bots_commands channel
  3. type *notify “the name of the map you want to get notified” e.g. *notify monochrome
  4. react to the answer from the Mapeadores Bot
  5. You will always get a notification on discord when your favourite maps getting played

Maybe this will help you a bit, even so it is not exactly what you wanted.


Thank you guys for both of the replies.

Andy, although I don’t use discord - the solution is great. I like it.

morel, we could at least create a topic with relevant information about every map so that when someone needs it - he/she can come and refer to it. This guy Shibo must be cheating rather than griefing. Except of filling in an application form to be considered as an admin, he has also created a bunch of accounts to +1 his application. Definitely a permanent ban!

Yeah there is a guy named Shibo in the server and sometimes…no so many times I see him get close to a zombie and shoot the head with a Nova so they can fly to the Humans and kill them all i mean that cant be allowed ITS TROLLING. I would be happy with a perma ban we need to do something about.