Mapeadores' Clunky Clones Contest Collaborative Completion of Content!


The bot surely is getting better.


After some time to think and heavy consideration, we have decided to announce the winners of the contest. Our decisions reflect not only the experience held at the time of the contest, which was on the whole positive on all maps, but also how gameplay has developed afterwards on these maps.

We have focused our judging on three main points: enjoyment, variation from the source material and final polish. To attempt to even things out, we have considered mapper expertise and previous works as well, so as to weight out the final decision. Without any further delay, the winners of Mapeadores’ Clunky Clones Contest are:

Mojonero, with ze_ccc_floator_mislands_timantetrix and ze_ccc_toastersand. Both maps were playable and varied in gameplay, twisting different mechanics from other maps to create brand new situations. In particular, we were captivated by the charm of planting bombs in classic Dust2, finding medallions in Lila panic and blowing the bridges in the endless realms of Aztecnoob.

Jakka, for his ze_ccc_ny_mako_canyon_sf1, which pushed a few buttons here and there combining maps as diverse as Luigi’s mansion and Trainescape to create something different and entertaining. Although the technical details were less polished due to a lack of experience on his part, worsened by the fact that he still has not updated the map, we think it still managed to capture the essence of the contest.

Both of them will respectively get 3 and 1 month of supporter, as previously stated. If desired, they can send their supporter to someone else.

This is not all, however. We also want to give feedback and encouragement to the other mappers that chimed in to produce something and try to improve the community at large. Please thank:

qazlll456, whose map ze_ccc_aec_ep9or1ww1_beta5 was rough around the edges from a lack of time and problems with his compilers. Despite this, he managed to introduce sections from MG maps, put some classics into the mix and feature a strange water passage thing that killed mighty well!

RollingBattery, with ze_ccc_M_O_U_N_T_H_E_T_I_C_S_Spirecontest presented a map that departed from the two originals he took: ze_mountainspire and ze_A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C. Charming and different, the map was sadly not clear enough and we got lost, meeting our final end with a nuke that went a bit wonky. In any case, the map proved itself to be interesting, but the lack of polish and communication with us made it more complex than it could have been. Hop onto Discord next time so we can chat around and make sure you can join on the event!

Hitachi, with his slew of ze_ccc_conds_of_minescape_v2_3_csgo, ze_ccc_ffvii_alien_reactor, ze_ccc_azteclsd, ze_ccc_boat_of_fappers, and ze_ccc_devito_rooftop_runaway. Although some moments stood out (particularly at times in ze_ccc_ffvii_alien_reactor, ze_ccc_conds_of_minescape_v2_3_csgo and the madness in ze_ccc_devito_rooftop_runaway), most of the maps were too close to their originals to fully capture the feel of the event. A mixed map with the individual ideas of each of these maps could have been more enjoyable pieces to build a truly outstanding experience, but at least it is clear that some effort and creativity went into this. Next time, the same but less!

We hope you enjoyed the event and the maps and look forward to hosting the next mapping event soon. Until then, enjoy the maps that got churned out!