Mapeadores KZ 1st tournament


Hello guys,

As far as we got our KZ Mapeadores Server, i’m proposing to organize a KZ Mapeadores Tournament.

                                                               <img src=''>

Please tell your ideas, also if you want to play, and then we can start to organize it with Morell too.

This is a chill tournament, make fun, and let people discover the KZ mod and the mapeadores KZ server. So i propose:


-Maps TBD (before the tournament)

  • I propose max. 7 maps. Both players can beto 1 map each one. Best of 5.

  • short-medium size maps (not colors…). Max. 4-5 min map.

-Tier: low/medium/medium-hard (the idea its all players can at least complete most of the maps)

-!Challenge mode (1vs1)

  • Brackets. Random choose. Just i propose 2 kind of players. TIER1 and TIER2 players. (it will make no sense put example some good player with a new KZ player, won’t be fair and exciting for both players). SO we can put TIER2 players in same bracket, and TIER1 on other one. And then mix the winners brackets and loosers bracket. (like on CS GO majors). we shoould decide that, depending on which players sign in.

  • TP mode. If both players agree, can do only PRO run.

  • Date: TBD

  • Reward: TBD, maybe some supporter gift from Morell or skin or something. Dunno.

Please guys, tell your ideas, your map suggestions and if you are interested on sign in.

I think its a really good idea for the KZ server and we can chill and have a funny tournament.


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any map :slight_smile: looks like this will be good can’t wait for it already true bhop/strafe skills will be shown here


butter me up lesbos


Yeah acme im with you, with your rules i’m interested, but im bad on KZ MOD i can just watch how ppl bhop :slight_smile:


Just check some example of final of a pro players KZ tournament.


I like the idea Acme, but i think there is already a winner (me). I think it should have TP mode instead of PRO.


Creo que mejor esperar a terminar el Mama Kowama.


Roses are red, violets are blue, the thread is english, why aren’t you. :^) yeah and it should be pro. Tp is for nubs


I think this is a real good Idea Acme! Introduce people to the KZ server that don’t already know about it, it can give tips and tricks for the newbie players and also allows pros to show off!

I for one am certainly down to play and compete, BUT it depends on the time and when this will be held.

I think kz_emblem_bonus is a good nomination for a map to be played, its a short map that’s not too hard, Easy difficulty and roughly 3-5 minutes in length. This being true, it makes it easy for beginners AND allows pros to also enjoy the map.

Looking forward to it!


I have played quite a bit this game mode on the server, but I think it’s great especially for the good time we could spend, the complication of the maps is going to make it fun to watch and play.
I hope it will be done in the future, now it’s time to make a classic map: P


Since there are many things going on and Morell has a tendency to tell people ‘let’s wait’ until it’s always needlessly late ;), how about you guys come up with a decent proposal + setup + judges panel and we just make suggestions and then set it up? Community participation is always a plus, and self organisation helps us by removing overhead. You can take a look at the Mama Kowama thread for inspiration. In short, you should come up with:

  • A name for the event (it can be as boring as Mapeadores KZ competition)
  • A description of what will happen in the contest (maps, potential prizes—talk with Morell before unless you wanna give prizes yourselves—, etc)
  • The rules you want to go by and the judges panel or the method of deciding who wins.
  • A short description for the attention impaired (a TL; DR)

Try to make sure you don’t create something that conflicts with other stuff like the Mapathon. Other than that, have fun.


OK, we will propose date after the contest.
De acuerdo, proponemos fecha para luego de terminar el Mama Kawana

Envi, yes the idea its community participation, just need aproval of administrators to organize it. we’ll start deciding things and we will come back to you.




Ok guys, I already agreed with Morell for the prizes for the winners.

Lets do the map rotation:

If someone disagree (for objective reason like long map, hard map etc… not just you dont like it), say it and we can beto.

Remember we need to choose 7 maps for the map pool.


kz_haki_v2 (for final maybe, pro run)

Please do more proposals, to mix them and choose.




kz_emblem_bonus - alright
kz_cg_coldbhop - hell no
kz_jump_n_run - alright
kz_unity_u01 - alright
kz_violet - :DDDDDDD
kz_hellinashop - alright
kz_final_ascension - alright
kz_haki_v2 (for final maybe, pro run) - why for final? alright
kz_nature_csgo - lets fail once and say gg
kz_simplicity_v2 - kinda alright
kz_cellblock_go2 - i dunno
kz_frozen_go - nah, buggy walls
kz_beginnerblock_go - ???
kz_ancient_v2 - hello im outdated
kz_redline - i dunno


hello boys, we started to filter, got this 7 maps:









please beto or add some maps you want to play.


Sounds really good lets do it after Jakkas Exams lol
I would be there to try and compete although anyone who goes against me will win …
Suggestion :


I’m liking the progression Acme and Co, lets make this happen! :smiley:
Maps like;
They will be somewhat hard maps, so the map pool will have to be adjusted for the pros and beginners, we can’t expect beginners to attempt 240 LJ’s and bhopping. For the rest of the maps they can be attempted by both beginners and pro’s, although I’ve just checked only the maps with the videos attached to them, so when I can I will check the rest of the maps to make sure they’re suitable.
Anyway, best to wait after the contest to give it more publicity and allow people to concentrate on it, as people like me want to participate in both :smiley: ps: I agree with what Hisoka said :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!


Jakka, all the nominated maps videos are on #15. I added kz green as Hisoka said.

I’m thinking we can do tier 1-2 maps, some tier 1 easy maps for the start of the tournament, then on the quarter or semifinals switch to tier 2 maps.

What do you think?

Thats a way that everyone should like it.

I’m bit busy right now at work, but still organizing it.


Possibly we could just, limit tier 1 for beginners, and then for pros we can throw in some tier 2 or higher maps in. Or if that’s too much effort or has a problem, then we can stick with your idea, which I think is a pretty good idea; tier 1 maps for start, and then when it comes to quarter finals and higher throw in some tier 2.

That’s fine don’t stress yourself acme :D, The mapping contest ends on the 23rd, I think, so we should be able to pick this up and carry it forward beyond that date.