Mirs ban part 2

We were playing pirates… someone , i think it was “you are noob team” dropped sword and somehow it went to me and i didnt see it… i fall back to the door but item wasn’t read when zombie came, so i fell back and dropped it to someone. I didn’t try to pick sword, i just tried to use it on the door but item wasn’t ready and then i dropped it. That’s not trolling.

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What happened to you man? You used to be a good player a few years back but you’ve been trolling as of late. Normally people troll less the more they play. If you’re bored you could just play some other game.

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oh and since you’ve been banned almost perma:
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what are you talking about? someone dropped the item and it went to me. I tried to use it but it wasnt ready…so i dropped it like i should… if someone was trolling it wasnt me

You tried to epick the wall but the other guy with sword (you are noob team) was faster and you toke the item that he left. He didn’t use the item so you can’t really say ‘it wasnt ready’. You decided to doorhug and drop the sword to a random guy that didn’t know he had sword.
Next round you toke medallion and tried to sell it for free supporter in chat, then you dropped the medall to a random and then he dropped to another random…
Lets not forget the round you toke heal and didn’t heal defenders after leader telling you. You decided to doorhug and heal people at bridge.
3 rounds you trolled with items, 3 rounds we lost, stop playing the victim here.

I doorhug and used the sword, but item wasnt ready…
Hera dropped the medallion, and i dropped it back.
Heal and medallion is better to doorhug and you fall back to heal…

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