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done 15E

HD Okonor :slight_smile:



Donated 4 euros, dont know why it comes up as anonymous,

its for:

Dark: STEAM_1:0:56037978
Sexyboy Antichrist: STEAM_1:0:18833669

Amo esta marca del caballo como mi madre ama doblar árboles. Sin vómitos tácticos.




I donated 5 euro to renew my supporter for 3 months.


Thank you


5€ donados.




Donado 2,00€ STEAM_0:0:107588883



Donated 15€ - STEAM_0:0:51484551

I think it did it twice for some reason?!

EDIT: Must have double clicked the donate link, could you please refund one of the donations?


I have already issued the refund.




STEAM_0:0:52940460 i donate 15€ for 1 year


Donated 2€ HooKa-_-SmoKa : STEAM_1:1:98451798


Donated 10 for 180 days supporter


Already added.


holaa he donado 2€ .JoKeR. .CAT
steamid: STEAM_1:0:11664842


Donated 1 Year or 15 Euro :slight_smile: (donating was send anonym idk why)
steamid: STEAM_1:1:22569794

A question: I know, is not the right thread here, but is a list aviable with all working commands for the server?


!supporter, !tracers, !trails, !nades and !zclass

Join to Discord:


Hola Morell, doné 2 € hace ya una semana y en el servidor no lo tengo activo, es que todavía no me lo habeis activado o lo tengo que activar yo, o…??


Hola, he revisado la lista de supporters y he visto que le puse tu supporter a otro Joker, ya lo he cambiado, lo puedes empezar a usar hoy, pero hasta mañana no empezará a contar (medio dia gratis por las molestias). Acuérdate que tenemos un canal de discord


Vale muchas gracias!!