Racism allowed?

I recently discovered this server and whilst it has been fun and I would like to continue playing I’ve noticed a lot of racism which goes unpunished even with the admins around so I’d like to know if racism is tolerated or not.

One player that comes to mind is Chadius (he is VIP?). He seems to get kicks out of the N word in both text chat and making a quick N word voice comment at the end of every round.

No, it is not allowed.

Just so we’re clear, you can freely say “nigger”, “faggot”, etc. all you like so long as it’s not degrading anyone and you’re not obviously obnoxious with it. He does tread the line and we do actively mute/gag appropriately if someone brings it up and the player does not stop.

He will be handled appropriately if you use !call in-game. We’re always looking out. He’s a regular, yes and asking him to stop is usually enough from another player.

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