Report Hichatu

Hichatu today and 1 day ago he kicked and banned me for hugging the door. He cant kick/ban me for doorhug.

Map ? was he leading ? did ur death caused us the game ?
we can’t understand shit in your message, there is no point posting this if there is no explanations.

If hichatu is kicking / banning, it must be for a reason

Never mind,
I’m already tired of admins hanging on their own head, Admins are already defending each other.

This is you:

sorry i forgot hichatu is your father.

Own up to your childish behaviour and stop making yourself look like a bigger idiot with each sentence.
Admins did not do you any wrong. You were clearly spiteful of people having fun on a map that you didn’t like, so you decided to intentionally troll. You can’t argue otherwise. Trying to defend yourself by saying that you didn’t know triggering doors early killed your teammates would be insulting your own intelligence.

you always near hichatu ass, flattery…

You ever heard a concept of “people liking each other”? Asking because I’m not sure.
No shit I’ll like people that are not insufferable morons like you. That’s basics of life your skull is a little too thick to let inside your brain.


Evidently he can 󠀀󠀀󠀀

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imagine man gg man gg good luck to get unbanned