Report Telo

First of all i apologize for my bad english,

the date the event took place : 06-01-21 20:45

Reason : griefing/edging

He said banned me for being an edger but ı am not edger , no one was with me and I had gone the wrong way. But he said he was one hundred percent sure but no, i’m innocent but i have no proof.

Help me…

i also dont know whats with him being an admin, and the server rules are really naive (basically telling you to do as admin tells you and they often do just kick without warning but not everyone). ive also encountered my first kick for the first time a week ago or so for the first time. where ive been gone from the server for over a year or 2 and not so familiar with all the maps no more, only came for the fun, was on diddle where i took an item to secure it ( dont like to use items normally) and wanted to give it away to someone, so i asked in text chat in a timespan of 2mins or so, asked twice, only one guy asked me what i had and i replied but no one seems to want it. so i went on tried it out ( was a ‘‘cake’’ i had) then they all started mourning in voice chat i had no clue whatsoever what i just did, and there was no prior warning or telling on take no items by the leader which was hichatu at the time. immediately i was kicked and it says on my screen ‘’ idiot’’ left me in awe, cuz i have intention in ruining the round for them if they wanna play ‘‘seriously’’. so i joined back in, asked the use of it and explained why i used it. acme was nice to tell me the usage of it, then i went on apologized in the text chat ‘’ then im really kinda sorry for that’’. someone i forgot who it was being all sarcastic towards me and Telo then write in text chat ‘‘retard’’ in response of someone asking how the rounds are going. i felt then a bit insulted giving his position as an admin ( cuz i dont see myself as someone gets on the server trying to ruin ppls experience) im simply here for the fun and however everybody else wants to play id go along wit them, if not ill leave myself. funny thing is, in the very same time we were still playing diddle, later on hichatu also accidentally used cake item before it should, and it was all giggles and laughs in voice chat, i was going to keep it to myself and let it pass, but seeing something like this not only has happened to me makes me wondering how are some of the admins are selected. some behave really like a typical toxic teen where youd find in anyother competitive games, imo they should never be selected as admin as they arent showing any competence in being one ( keeping the server a friendly and enjoyable place for all players across. and when punishment is about to be given, it should be given with sufficient evidence and warning, which is very very simple to do.) i miss the times back then id log in late at night playing with syou on the server, i think he does the job very decently, almost always reasonable and polite , and no matter win or lose its all fun. anyways thats what i have to say. and yall have a good one. hope your case can also be justified.

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oh shit, my format looks absolutely terrible. but enjoy reading it KEKW

:speech_left:Telo: retards on items
:speech_left:Mod_ExtrEmE: push gonna use it
:skull_crossbones:VarunFuego infected Levy Lengyel. (28v33)
:skull_crossbones:Captain Flint infected Johan™. (29v32)
:skull_crossbones:Captain Flint infected TheUnknown. (30v31)
:speech_left:SeNeR: ??( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)??
:skull_crossbones:Captain Flint infected Shark:wheelchair:x. (31v26)
:skull_crossbones:yungtrxst infected sa12. (34v21)
:speech_left:Telo: just another day on mapea

we lost like 6 rounds in a row because item user kept making misstakes, id say saying something like this is justified, although i know some people is sesnsitive to the word “retard” and i guess it couldve been switched out for other words. but at the same time, csgo isnt known to be family friendly, and neither is mapeadores, so idk what you are expecting.

the kick wasnt even from me, although i agree that the reason “idiot” is unfitting and should be a real reason, my guess is that the admin was short on time when kicking since we were in the middle of a round

id also suggest not picking up items if you dont know what you are doing, and especially not trying them out yourself when there is a leader that will call out item usage for everyone. really unfortunate that nobody caught your messages in chat but as you probably know, its kinda hard to pay attention to both the game and chat at the same time. id say if anything both sides made a misstake here, but since it was only a kick, i dont think its anything to make a fuss out of

heres the thing Telo, as the round was going, i started from the very begining and theres little instructions on items. which would be sensible to explain especially on maps you guys ( for the ppl who gets on the server regularly ) want to beat. and i was playing before you guys joined. and nobody was saying nothing.

and i dont think id be offended if thats coming from a player on the server or definitely not as much, to me being as an admin and looking at how the game was going, i was prolly the first one misused the item, so your ‘‘retards’’ pointing directly towards me and like i stated before ( with no intention to ruin the game and asked ) all you admins on the server at the time > if you truly want to beat the map, do it properly i would suggest, just tell the server not to pick up items n such.

to me it struck me is that you as an admin called me right out retard and was the only thing you commented like its ok to do so insulting rather than giving out instructions on beating the map. it doesnt sound right coming from an admin, and you prolly was still on the server when hichatu misused the very same item as i, and theres only laughters so ye i was left with a bit of sourness. feels like the server is an exclusive place for the people knows each other, and banters are allowed there but not so much towards newer players. doesn’t seem so fair to me.

after all im well over it, it wont really bother me seeing you admins swearing in the future or misbehave, just not as mature as i expected thats all. it was unfortunate indeed. now i know. you take care now.

Hichatu did in fact use cake wrong, you are right about that. However, there is a difference in how items get abused. If you are unknown with the item and clearly told not to use it and you ignore that, you get kicked/banned. If you DO know how to use the item but you are trolling, you get kicked/banned. If you DO know how to use item but you activated accidentally, you get mercy. It sometimes just happens even the best players accidentally use item while they did not mean to use it. There is sometimes a thin line, even for an admin, to judge whether is was intentional or not.

If on a map with no event or not really try hard, of course new players can pick up items and try to get familiar with it. But do not troll. Just ask how to use it, and if you are uncertain, just do not pick it up and learn how others are playing with it first. But in some cases, like mostly events, there are enough experienced players that can use items and the new players should not pick it up to experiment with it. There are enough other moments for new players to pick up items and experiment with it.

Lastly, I am not an admin, just a player. I play on this server since 2016. My personal experience is that you have to feel the flow of the moment in the server. In general: are you spoiling the game yes or no. If it is yes, do not cry if you get banned/kicked. If no, mostly admins will not kick or ban you (even if you do something tiny illegal).

  1. Leader didnt not inform on not picking up items and such.( not clear enough for me to not pick that cake that im VERY certain of )

  2. i picked it up just wanting to give it away cuz i dont like to use items and asked, was unfortunate no one gave me any idea on what to do about it further. so i went on tried it as on some other maps items can be used multiple times.( it would only make sense if i was to keep it and know how to use it)

  3. some of the players asked if theres an event and admins said there isnt one. but later on someone was or wasnt an admin said there was an event( not sure if i remembered correctly )

  4. i was on the server prior to diddle was played.
    like i said im not into trollin and such, i be chillin on the server everytime i come. not bout to stress myself after a hard day or work.

where i do have problem is the professionalism from the admins.
knowing how to beat a map DOESNT make you an admin.
imo admins job are to maintain the server to make it a enjoyable and fun place to stay and make it fair to players all across. and if kicks n bans are bout to given out, prior warning should be given. ( which didnt happen in my case, and it happens more than often on the server)

but sadly that isnt the case, just pointed it out. i dont know if i didnt make myself clear on what happened from the previous post or some, but heres what i can do to sum it up for you ( said more than enough time im not a troll). the same time i can also understand that a lot of the admins are still in thier youth in their 20s, but to me personally that no excuse to just exert the rights of the admins as they wish (very immature given their positions) but hey why bother so much on the friggin ZE server where i only want to have some good times ehh?

so ill stop right here and will be no further response to explain myself.

you can use my reply as a reference to the questions you had. theres no need to defend them, everyone makes mistakes, if theres no apology id also be ok wit it, definitely something im not keen on to getting.
but yeah the event did led me thinking on how the admins can do better on the server. but it seems no one really bother to care about, and the forum isnt viewed by most the players anyways.
made some online friends here on the server years back. but now ill just keep it as a chillin spot for me,
not gonna have myself involve too much. in the end ist only ZE server and isnt a real competitive game
unless ppl really wanna make it so, so why bother.
you have a good one then.

Diddle extreme is a map for some of the more serious players to try hard on twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. Try playing on a different day or different time of day for a less antsy time.

I’ll be honest with you, most of things you say make no sense.
Why are you pointing out admin job or his age?
He didn’t ban you can he is a 10yo kid or doesn’t know what to do with his admin role, he banned you because we say every round to people not use items (heal and cake) and players still use them. Both sides made a mistake but it was not power abuse or whatever you are saying.

Everyone is allowed to take items, just don’t try it if you don’t know what it does, that’s not the correct or logic thing to do, especially when there’s a leader…
We lost so many rounds cuz of people using items (like you did), boosting with torch, etc. You have no idea…
PS: Since the very begining that i learn that items should not be taken unless you know how to use them. You say you played ze before so you should already know this… stop making so much drama about it.

you was just unlucky dude, admins handled the situation as they thought best at the given time, you were there just at bad timing. they in hindsight understood what they’ve done and learnt what they should you should too. thread closed.

just immature admins thats all theres to it. they get too emotional when they have to make rational decisions involving kicks n bans. i think i made it very clear and i i dont know what made you so upset bout it or are you close friends to em. young ppl make irrational decisions and im ok with it now on the server. theres no drama to it.
im not gonna argue much with you, your point is not to be taken serious with from the beginning.
why am i pointing out admins job and their age? cuz they matter in being as an admin(age isnt really a problem but i can understand spending so much time on a rather toxic-environment game), and also to the players on the server.
if you think being as an admin here on this server is to just does what he or she wants will when they FEEL the moment is right then good for you.

very truy. actually i just got off from the server and this is an actually event on diddle but didnt went so well.
welp :smile:

OP, you are right. While you have numerous bans the ban isn’t quite fair as they are not recent. It’s been reduced by half.

For everything (and everyone) else… Just make a new thread. It’s overkill.

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