SDK tools mode problem

Just me can’t start Alien Swarm in tools mode anymore?

I’ve been able to run it fine. Checked and I’m able to use it still. Any specific error you’re getting?

No error messages. In library, after 2 clicks to launch the game, I can see “Running”, “Syncing”… and… no more messages. But game just can’t start in tools mode.
Without "-tools’ in launch options, “everything” okay.
I’m (Re) installing at this moment.

RIP Alien Swarm on 2nd acc, “Moving” this game to 1st one.

EDIT: Got it! There’s another command to put in launch options for Alien Swarm build 15727. Thanks anyways!

Updating. It’s not working. I think they removed this feature from AlienSwarm.

Fixed. Thanks GOD!