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Map’s name: ze_CV_LOSII_Castle_Siege_b1
Levels: One long level (12-16 mins)
Bosses: 2 bosses
Particles: Yes
Spawn points: 64
Human items:
Void magic(freeze)(cooldown 55)
Chaos magic(fire)(cooldown 55)
Heal magic(Heals to 200hp)(cooldown 90)
Mappers: ๖ۣۜDemon(me) and Wiebe987
Download link:

Map’s name: ze_CV_LOSII_Castle_Siege_b2

Change log:
*nerfed items (voidmagic and chaosmagic)
*replaced “trim ladders” with platforms
*fixed castle door reopening if someone blocks it
*increased bosses hp per player by 150 to first boss and 100 to the second boss
*fixed misplaced particles
*removed env_sparks and replaced them with particles to reduce lag
*buffed boss1 fire attack
*decreased boss1 push attack
*increased titan’s first core from 15k to 20k
*added 3 teleports inside the titan
*changed titan’s head from blue to white
*added doors on the abandoned building on second area that opens after 15 seconds from triggering the final door
*buffed boss2 angelic winter attack
*added a detector system at the last area incase all humans inside boss arena die, a nuke will trigger and kill all humans
*decrease crouch area’s lengh on the last boss
*added more optimization to the map

Map: ze_danmaku_v1_4


  • Fixed broken teleporters on level one that would cause players screens to jitter
  • Adjusted teleporters on level one to make it more convenient for zombies

Map: ze_CV_LOSII_Castle_Siege_b3

Download link:

Change log:

-Decreased first boss’ hp to 400 per player
-Increased second boss’ hp by 50 per player
-Added a new part
-Added HDR
-Made lights on the map look properly
-Fixed the humans detector on second boss’ arena
-Added triggers inside boss arena that zombies can trigger if they pass in and break the fences
-Added a teleport on second boss before the Dragon relic item activates so people who won the map don’t die from the nuke on some servers
-Added some adjustments to the titan
-Added mp_timelimit 60
-More optimzation to the map

Map ze_danmaku_v1_5

DL Link:

-Changed/Modified/Fixed a lot of inconvenient events and mostly triggers that caused a lot of mess.

Ze_Pandora_Reborn3 (Stripper). You got the map on the server already, I guess.
-Fixed music of level 4
-Removed the zombie boost in the first level.
Please tell in case you wanted to test the map so I can help.

i think this map is funny for us XD
link map :

Already added on the past, but he had several problems.

i hope u fix this because this map is good an i think almost people like this map XD

Nombre: ze_laser_island_b6_6

I already played this map on another server, and it was cool

Got some maps we can test i see GFL and others play this maps without issues but then we have expert who can figur out if maps worth play at Mapea here are links!

Nemesis map
Darksouls map
Doom map
Inboxed map
Onahole map
Serpentis temple map
Stalker map
Sunlight map

Thats all map i could find worth testing. i like this new website just need to get hang on to it :wink:

All link should be market there :wink:

Hello, really good suggestion but [Nemesis map] already test after 1 round 2/3 players vote for RTV… I’m 100% behind you for sunlight very good map since CSS and creat by Soft Serve. I think Darksoul and Serpentis Temple we’ll put a new blood in a list or the level of games does not evolve. And which will return new players.

map link:

Map size:42.08 Mb
Has items:No
Spawn Points:64
Reason for adding: its still the beta version of my map.In my opinion it has a good boss,lasers and defending area but has only 1 level.


Map has 3 stages and a lot of items

Map name: ze_chroma_v0_4_csgo5
Mapper: Soft Serve
Source: this is a CS:S port, downloaded from another CS:GO server
Map Size: 50 mb
Items: has 4 human items (there’s and EntWatch cfg file packaged into the map’s bsp)
Need particles: yes
Description: this is a pretty long one-level map with a boss fight; need a good team and a leader for it
Download Link:

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Please add ze harry potter

A few weeks ago I finally polished and published a map that I made most of way back.
It’s ~8 mins long.

Map name: ze_arcade_parade

edit: no longer only visible to friends, now it’s public.