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i think this map is funny for us XD
link map :


Already added on the past, but he had several problems.


i hope u fix this because this map is good an i think almost people like this map XD


Nombre: ze_laser_island_b6_6

I already played this map on another server, and it was cool


Got some maps we can test i see GFL and others play this maps without issues but then we have expert who can figur out if maps worth play at Mapea here are links!

Nemesis map
Darksouls map
Doom map
Inboxed map
Onahole map
Serpentis temple map
Stalker map
Sunlight map

Thats all map i could find worth testing. i like this new website just need to get hang on to it :wink:

All link should be market there :wink:


Hello, really good suggestion but [Nemesis map] already test after 1 round 2/3 players vote for RTV… I’m 100% behind you for sunlight very good map since CSS and creat by Soft Serve. I think Darksoul and Serpentis Temple we’ll put a new blood in a list or the level of games does not evolve. And which will return new players.


map link:


port map by me
follow rules of _p

  • Adding TP, Model in custom path, stuff (readme.txt)
    Another : Cisneros, Xquality, Grey Echo and Dowman

Include :
ze_aztec_temple_p2 - 15.6 MB
ze_mars_escape_p3 - 22.5 MB
ze_melong_dow_learjet_p2 - 13.0 MB
ze_snowescape_p2 - 15.1 MB
ze_tilex_escape_p3 - 26.6 MB

Readme.txt for more
Screenshot in file