Unban request for boosting zombie


I would like to request an unban because I think I am treated very very unfairly. I was banned for 1 month by mr. Hachitu for boosting zombie on Atix. I think 1 month is preposterous seeing that I have never transgressed in the past. Moreover, I did not even get a warning from mr. Hichatu beforehand! Sorry mr. Hichatu! I learned from my lesson, I will not boost zombie anymore :slight_smile:

Your sincerely,

Bans for boosting are going to be harsh and you wont get any warning anymore, its been a rampant problem from some time so we aint going to be nice. You know you are doing something that you shouldnt do, now deal with the consequences. Next time think before you do it.

1 month ban for boosting on Atix for just 1 round is just a bit ridiculous in my opinion, because it’s a quick win troll map anyway. I would understand if people are boosting on serious maps.

Edit: If it’s really that deserving of a ban, why don’t people who use grenades to boost zombies at the container on top floor of the house get banned (literally every round)? Kind of hypocritical tbh.

You are right my brother. I have never seen such a disgraceful server. Everyone is boosting with bombs or weapons, they are not doing anything, they were banned immediately because I boosted once. I have over 1000 hours in the game. It shouldn’t be this easy. go to hell