Unban Request Kiwi

Nickname : Unrelaiable Player
STEAMID: STEAM_1:1:600820797 and STEAM_0:1:151128119
Date : 09-08-21
Short explanation : was 2-3 or more people saying ibola ebola and other variations and i came with variation nibberola and i got muted , i said after that in chat i will connect to second account then and got banned for that
For me i think it’s more fair just to silence me some extended time , because that’s only my problem , sometimes i talk trash , i know , but ingame with my actions i do not grief or cheat , just block my acces to talk

Anw , i don’t expect the unban request to be approved but…

Bullshit story : So i woke up , drink my coffee and made some photopshops for a romanian forum , after that i connect to the server , i played alien mountain escape , sometimes i said just molotov the green circles and run , after that crazykart , on pirates was some more players and a few of them spamming mics and left and let my parrot play with mic , he said nibberola and got muted , i tried to explain to my favorite admin , dark but he banned me , feeling wrongfully punished i connected with my seccond account and nobody complained about me , but Tormacoy was jealous on my love for dark and banned me too