Unmute request for Samir

As the title says, I came here to request the removal of a perma mute for ze player ‘Alan Samir’.
No, it’s not a joke.
This guy played and tried to lead maps since like 2021, he was playing with me in the mornings when no admins or other leaders were online in the sv and i must say i never saw him trolling or giving up on the team despite the average IQ of the players at those hours.
I’ve tried to find, both in-game and on discord, the admin who perma muted him but no success since no one came forward yet.
So if someone could give a reason for a perma mute to somebody who never trolled in mic, make any stupid noises or played soundboard… that would be great, cuz so far all he did was trying to help the players and got perma mute for that. While many others (and active regulars) did far worse on mic and never got a perma like that.
Also, he never played any static noise on purpose despite some of the mutes you see on sourcebans, his mic was not working properly for a month and he got like 70% of total mutes for that, me and him fixed that one day because since no admin tried to help him realize the actual problem he had.
Yes he is a parrot leader, yes sometimes it’s better to stay quiet in tryhard maps, but he did far more good than bad and i do believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance.
He didn’t ask for this but It has been more than 1 year since the perma, it’s about time we help him same way he helped many of us in the mornings years ago before the mute.


I agree with you, mod. Samir is a good leader and he deserves a second chance. He was always helpful and friendly when I played with him sometimes. I don’t think he should be muted forever for something he did a long time ago.

agree. unmute him.

so he can get permamuted again

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I agree unmute he did nothing bad