Wrongful Ban 2.0

So, I get banned for fucking up with item AFTER we won the map, yet Haze, after boosting for several rounds on Atix Panic didn’t get banned, even AFTER boosting a zombie out of the skybox forcing admin to slay the zombie manually.

Totally no favoritization amongst the admins, now is there?

Pezevillo, boosting on ATIX, no ban.
Ninja boosting on ATIX, no ban.
Haze boosting on ATIX, no ban.

I don’t get all zombies killed with item == ban.

Thank you for showing that paying for supporter grants you immunity to bans.


I wasn’t here because i got banned for boosting (surprising coming from me right ?), but I can say Shibo never boosted a zombie or trolled.
He loves the server so much that he would never dare to do such an odious act as this one.

lmao got banned again?

ahahah…dude what’s going on, shibo this is rampage from admuns, coz they are scary of competition from all theese new admin request might get approved no kapp. I believe you can p2w on server, yes.

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Shut the fuck up Shibo. You are troll on mapeadores we lost many rounds ONLY because of you. I hope you never get unbanned so we can tryhard. Server is suffering the most because of idiots like you stealing items and doing nothing. Please ban him permamently and make him destroy servers like GFL instead. Thats what he can do best. Thank you.

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Snitches get stitches.