Wtf Syoudous really.. Lear to be fair cus this isnt acceptable?


So it all started on the server late night morning where 2 Idiot French start trolling and talking shit about Religion

So a friend of mine told them to be quite about it but they dont, So i started to speak and it when to a fight conversation… So this mentalAdmin ‘’ Sydoudous’’ doesnt say or do anything He just listen to all the shit they say… Not even warning or stuff So what did he do

He just muted me for 1440 min but didnt mute the 2 french guy who keep talk shit after i still got muted and this Syoudous doesnt do anything… i also did ‘’ !call ‘’ for letting him know for look they keep talk shit can u do somthing but he just ignores it GREAT ADMIN good fair job u did mute me but u dont mute the people who keep talk shit all the time even im muted u just dont do anything…

So after all a friend of mine stept up for me and told him that he isnt doing hes job right for muting me only and not them and they just keep talk shit infront of 30 people i got also prove that im right

So after me friend talked and the 2 french dogs talk shit , Syoudous gave him a 60 min ban for no reason and gave me i didnt say anything ‘’

[SourceComms++] You have been muted! [SourceComms++] You have been gagged!’’

Fair great admin and last message i got

(ALL) ADMIN: If you’re going to abuse !call all day, it won’t end well for you. I can assure you. Please, do not abuse it.

Is this fair ? cus i get muted and gaged for no reason and let the 2 dogs keep talk shit while u hear it and u let them talk shit i hate u so much Syoudous cus i never expected this from u…


How could you do that Syoudous ? Gagged for no reason ? and 2 French people talk about MUSLIM PEOPLE ? I think zentak right he didnt do anything , the 2 french guys talk shit trolling and he gets muted gaged for ever for no reason


Hi. I was the one who silenced you. Just to be transparent as possible per your request you were muted for 30 minutes originally because you kept adding more fuel to the fire that was already there and not being quiet. If you’re here to play you would not go on, and on, and on, and on about something so small and silly. They may have provoked you but you were the one who took the bait. Out of all the noise you were the loudest and started threatening other players immediately so I silenced you for 1 day. Usually threats are handled by bans but I would like to believe it was just a “heat of the moment”. Shortly after it would appear you tried to abuse !call [/URL]to get even more admins attention out of something that was of your fault so I gave you the warning of “Do not abuse !call, it will lead to further punishment”, something along the lines of it. Though, the warning for it did not matter as you did [URL=‘’]bother some other admins anyway.

You were feeding them what they want if they were trolling. I could not hear them if they were spamming. You were the loudest after I told you to stop more than enough times.

Chat logs are always public, feel free to view here.


yes that admin is soooo unfair admin he dont know to be admin