Zam - Admin application

+1 Nice person, would be good as admin :smiley: :+1:

+1 Nice pleb. Helps people and is active. :+1:

+1 friendly, good player, laser lover, never trolling

+1 Friendly guy, funny person and very active.

+1 regular player, friendly as far as I know and would make for a good admin

An affable person and is always online (when I mean always, I mean ALWAYS) :joy:

+1 habibi

never see this guy on the server

+1 because when I join the server he always greets me with “sup fraz” and I say “sup zam” and we spam lennies at eachother

+1 friendly, helpful and good ze player. He would be a fair admin!

Zam is always on the server (as far as i can tell) and he does seem and sound like he could help the server in the best way possible. Would definitely +1 him to be part of the admin team.

A trustworthy guy who has capable qualities of being an admin. Committed and reasonable, Zam the man is who you wanna choose.

+1 from me, really friendly guy very likeable person :smiley:

+1 always in the server always good commincation in the server

+1 give him admin already.

I’ve been joining the last few days, and i saw you in the server. You seem a cool and chill guy and i’d like to see you in the admin team. +1

+1 here, nice guy and always caring about plebs asking questions on chat, also very active on server


+1 friendly and helpful guy

+1, he is a good guy, friendly, active and an amazing bro :+1: :grinning:

+1 i need atleast 20 characters to post

Zam the Adman ?

“stuff to make it >20 characters”