Let me share something with you:

  • CSGO ze_Mario_Adventure;
  • 64 players;
  • 100% custom textures;
  • Custom models;
  • Custom particles;
  • HDR;
  • 2 custom skins (1 for zms and 1 humans)
  • Special weapons;
  • 2 levels;
  • 2 Bosses;
  • 1 “BIG” secret;
  • Working in progress (Working on level 2 at the moment).
  • Below, some screens from level 1 (first half)
  • Sorry. I forgot to use “r_drawmviewmodel 0”
  • I’m sending a youtube link to a few people in my friendlist. So… this post will be updated soon with this video.


Looks promising dude , keep working :slight_smile:

Looks great, can’t wait to play!

Nice to see another _ze from Mario. I saw 2 WIPs on CS:S from different mappers but they never were completed. I would have liked see this map based a bit on Super Mario 64 because one of the CS:S mappers that I said asked for my help and I did “Bowser” for boss many time ago.

But yeah, it’s maybe too old school for your design so “meh”.

Keep working!

Looks amazing , Looking forward to play it .

Looks interesting, I particularly like the second to last screenshot. It looks like you’re going for some parallel holding there, and that’s always both challenging and fun. If you’re open to suggestions, I think you should tone down the exposure and bloom factors through an env_tonemap_controller because some of the brighter parts of your screenshot feel too bright. That would probably also help the water match the skybox tone more, since the contrast between the two shades of blue looks a bit unbalanced.

Other than that, it seems nice. As Kaem says, a mario map for ZE has been long overdue.

Looks really nice mate. Good job!

I’m a big fan of Mario games and I think this type of hero is dying… :frowning:

It´s my tribute to him. These days I have spent a lot of time reading the VDC and VMF’S. I’m happy with what I’ve learned so far. And I’m happy because the first level is ready (including BOSS fight).

Anyways I was not mapping since 1.6. So any feed back from great mappers are welcome.

Aboout Bowser: “Meh”… Maybe in a future map with world 1-4

You was right. The exposure was too high. Fixed: 1.7 to 1.5. My HDR light was too bright too. Changed from 170 to 130 (I want to keep the little bit brighter effect).
About the water, tone doens’t match because I used a custom texture to create multiple colors under the water.
To create this effect, I had to use a texture that doesn’t use DX10. I confess to you that I am not happy with the result too. I will keep working on it.

Thanks for feed back!

EDIT: Love your maps!

Looking forward to play this, I like maps with custom bright color models keep it up.


“I like turtles”


Looks really good, good job.

It looks like such beautiful… And architecure seems great. Can’t wait to test that!

Really like the aesthetic design on the new update dude. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good. Remember to add cubemaps so the props don’t get the ugly default vertigo one smeared all over the place. As a suggestion, I would add sprites to both fires and the lamps, giving a sense of glowiness with them. It would help giving your light sources a sense of ‘volume’.

If that koopa shell is going to be a bossfight and it is as small as it looks, you should probably consider rescaling it. It might not make sense from the point of view of the size of a koopa, but gameplay wise it is usually more enjoyable when every player can easily spot the boss (i.e. the model is taller and wider than a default player model).

Keep on the good job.

  • Cube maps is already added. These screenshots are old (2016/may I think). Level 2 is finished. I’m working on 2nd boss fight atm. Remains re-map the ‘big secret’ (bugged atm). Also I should have made a third level, because there are several models that I did and could not use. So…

[ ] I will do
[ ] I don’t
[ X ] I don’t know

(Thanks to lemurboy and Natalija until now for teach me some things about the models).

  • I think the koopa shell is properly scaled (see the images below) because it’s not a boss, just one of various npc’s. Indeed all content in this post doesn’t represent the current state of map (even 40%). I can’t post atual state (we already have a lot of spoilers here, right?) :smiley:

BTW players should not expect so much, after all we are talking about a “beginner map”. But I’m working hard to turn it in a fun map (at least).

Thanks for yours (always accurate) comments and thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Thanks. Some things in the design, must be ‘big’. Because Mario is small. :stuck_out_tongue:

Working in progress…


We need to test it :stuck_out_tongue: