Sugerencias de mapas / map suggestions




Postea aquí los mapas que quieras sugerir para el servidor de CS:GO Zombie Escape.


Nombre mapa: ze_crypt


Nombre: ze_rainbow_factory_v1_2


Nombre mapa: ze_sorrento_escape_v1

Nombre mapa: ze_sky_athletic_v7_3


Mapa: ze_reloaded_v1_e10
Link :

  1. map : ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8

link :

2. map : ze_surf_sahok_v1

link :

  1. map: ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8


2. map: ze_surf_sahok_v1



Guys, be careful suggesting maps. I think some of you proposed broken or still not finished maps.

I know it’s hard to test them without ZE server, and without enough players (ie: tested on Mapeadores btw lol)… But try to be careful and already read the commentaries in Gamebanana. Also, some maps are totally overrated by the owner and his friends… So be careful with that, and consider seriously their rating system if the number of votes is substential…

Also try to check on game server forums, if maps are glitched…

In conclusion, what i mean is that Morell created this thread not just to get random suggestions. The name of the map + link are just the minimum requirements :wink: So try to sell us your suggestions! Some posted here already seems really great :wink:


+1 for Rainbow and the new Sorrento, we need to test them!

Sun seems pretty beautiful… But it’s a CSS map at first. This is a port?


1. Map: ze_serpentis_temple_b2


2. Map: ze_gris_a4_9_7 ( Boss haves new abilities on lvl2 and more lasers on the end of lvl3)



We tested some maps yesturday on our testing/training clan server.

Serpentis is a shitty port. Boss are frozen, and the map crashed the server. I feel bad, cause the map was really great…

Sorrento is useless, it’s just one useless place added, textures from CSGO and some parts bad recreated (the ladder boost jump is no more here at the start)
Rainbow is boring.

We also tried:
-Green City. I give no link. It’s boring…
-Thousand steps b7 ( Maps works and is pretty cool. It seems maybe too easy for humans, but really need a test on Mapeadores…
-Magic Carpet V1E1 ( Concept is good, but with only 15 mates, we didn’t know if itis good to play.

One true value is ZE_games_v2_1 ( It’s a minigame/ze map like Random. The start is hot for Mapeadores config (15s zombies spawn middle of humans). With nade start it seems ok, as the rest of the map is really fun.

We will try to test some other maps, and try to give you some other suggestions.
Me and 4 other mates are making xp on Hammer, i hope that one of us will release a good map (but this wasn’t before this summer i fear).


That kind of proactive approach is very helpful, and we need more of that.

In general, all _e ports are just shitty repacking ports without any real understanding of how things should be done. There is little point in using maps that are at times 2 or 3 times larger than they should be, don’t make full use of CS:GO’s visual enhancements over CS:S and aren’t ported to work in all servers (i.e., under any class, spawntime or spawn type config). There are also ports not using some sort of naming convention, which is dumb because some communities still have CS:S servers and at times they use a single FastDownload webserver for all of their instances. There are also instances of people using the _p nomenclature (which was started by Rules of _p) while not applying the self-imposed rules to make at least decent ports that _p ports follow.

I don’t know why some servers are giving in and using those ports, because I feel the poor quality will have a negative effect in the long run: why would either CS:S or new players play a gamemode that gets worse overtime, with maps that look unpolished (and at times uglier than their CS:S counterparts) and that are so large people with slower connections get bored while downloading and don’t join the server at all?

Aside from this little rant, I had checked all these maps and was waiting for Morell to have some time to test. I think, out of what has been suggested so far, we should at most do rainbow factory, gris and perhaps sorrento. I had posted on rainbow’s gamebanana page when Airvulpes submitted it, since there were some issues; he never released an update however. Sorrento’s filesize seems too big for what’s worth (for me), and I feel like the ‘classic’ version is a better fit for what the map is. They could still be tested, either way.

About thousand steps, yeah, it was tested long, long ago, back when the server was starting to get populated. It could be tried again too.

This goes for everyone: creating new maps is both more satisfying to you (because most mappers are awful and porting their awfulness is usually very annoying) and more helpful to the community as a whole (both Mapeadores and beyond). Do like Wan is doing, like a few people are starting to do and try to make something new. It’s fun.

EDIT: I’ve been thinking about making a basic mapping tutorial so that more people can get a decent head start. I won’t go too much into specifics, but it should let people pull simple, classic style maps (more of which we need, because they are the perfect exercise to learn to map, and more of them means more people are giving it a try and learning).


ze_grey actualizado y añadido a la lista de mapas, la factory se tiene que probar.


I was about to start a thread in the international section this morning… But more oriented about basic knowledges and tips, not a tutorial: what is a map (world geometry, brushes, leafs, entities), good tips and rules (rule of power of 2 dimensions, nodraw as default texture, gap of the death, usage of the portalfile and the cordon to debug, etc), and give links about where and what to learn.

My principal fears are more about creating a ZE map: what optimisation are really needed to don’t lag, and tips about get a good gameplay in the map…
Maybe i can create the tutorial, and you can talk about what we need to do a good map :wink:


Terminology and context helps too, yeah; I was thinking of a hands-on tutorial teaching people to create their first room, detail it, make a hallway and lay down a few entities for good measure. The elementary tools to create a simple, classic map would suffice to get people interested and, afterwards, some tutorials could be made on demand.

In terms of both gameplay and optimization, I’ve found making smaller projects (for other gamemodes at times) helpful. You can test ideas in a classic style map, people get some enjoyment for a week or two, and then polish what has worked best into a fully fledged map. In that sense, I feel the ZS server/gamemode will also be good for new mappers, as it will serve as a way to (a) learn the basics of mapping, as it is a simpler gamemode and (b) test ideas separately before jumping into big ZS/ZE projects. Figuring out what’s good and what’s bad without testing is usually very hard.


Don’t even judge that port because the map itself in cs:s is incomplete therefore, there is no point to port a map that is already incomplete in cs:s in the first place. The point is to add a new rule to reject any ported map where the cs:s counterpart isn’t even complete in development (other examples include ffxii feywood and journey).


Disclaimer: I’m not a mapper and haven’t played CS:S Zombie Escape, so it’s just a CS:GO player point of view. I had these maps downloaded from other game servers, and since I had problems finding the sources of the ports on the Internet (except for the rules of _p port), I just reuploaded the files that I have to a file exchange server.

I’ve played this port (download ze_naruto_v1_1[/url]) of [url=]ze_naruto map (from CS:S) on another server several times. Looks like a good map and a good port to me. As far as I remember, we’ve got as far as the 4-th level boss without technical problems.

ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4 (download[/url], [url=]gallery) – a well-made map with an interesting level design decision: the second level is the first level upside down (the roof becomes the floor).

Despite some negative reviews on about the map (ze_sandstorm_v7_1[/url], after having played this port ([url=]download ze_sandstorm_v7_1_e4) of it on other servers several times, I can say that I like it (a big open world multi-level map with nice atmosphere {textures and music} and magic items for humans and zombies). It seems to be pretty popular among other players too. The only technical difficulty that I’ve encountered was inability to adjust the map’s music volume via the game’s settings, but it’s not a big deal to me.

Have played the port (download ze_urban_laby_of_death_p2[/url]) of [url=]ze_urban_laby_of_death_v3. Can be pretty fun.

Have played this port (download ze_christmas_infection_v2_5_air[/url]) of [url=]ze_christmas_infection a few times on another server. Liked it mainly because of how well it creates zombie-christmas atmosphere.


Urban laby was removed from the server because it was mostly disliked. Despite being an ‘as good as it gets’ port, people didn’t enjoy the map itself. If enough people ask for it, it could be added again. I like it, so I don’t see a problem with it.

Stone tower temple is a port from CS:S, as far as I know. By a quick skim-through I see particles not renamed to the custom_particle_ID nomenclature, which will cause problems in the long run (particle crashes as in CS:S) and a few useless textures from CS:S that have a simple replacement. The map isn’t making use of CS:GO’s improved lighting capabilities, running on LDR and without using cascade lighting (I don’t see any, at least). These issues wouldn’t take too long to address, and I get the feeling the port comes from the original author, so it could probably be added if they were corrected (and, arguably, perhaps tested as is, though I think keeping the standards as high as possible is a good thing in the long run; asking the mapper would be a better course of action).

Naruto seems to keep two particles by their original name, alongside with LDR and what I personally feel are very odd texture replacements. Although it’s been a long time, I remember the overall design of the map flowing quite well in CS:S from what CriSys had done with FireWaveZz. Back then, the map had loads of issues, and if I recall correctly people fixed them with entspy: the problem with that is that, probably, the port was based on an entspy’d, messy version. The map sits right at 149mb, which would climb if HDR was compiled (and it should). If that happened, it wouldn’t work when uploaded to FastDL as bzipped, making the download about twice as long. I don’t think it’s impossible to get the map to a more reasonable filesize, considering I think I saw random CS:S playermodels packed into it (that don’t work in CS:GO).

On Sandstorm, and by looking at the packed files, I get the feeling there is useless clutter and that certain models could, in the long run, cause clientside crashes. Paths to certain files have not been changed, I think, so they have either been dragged and dropped or ported to the same directory (which could cause issues). Although checking further it did seem that at least the compile had been made with prop lighting and HDR, and the particles seem to have been renamed, certain areas seem as if they haven’t been ironed out (lighting in particular, though the original map might be like that already). I really don’t have an opinion on this map, since by the time it got released I had majorly stopped playing CS:S.

Christmas infection is one of my maps, and it got ported without my permission. The filesize is absurd, and I seem to recall some replacements didn’t quite make sense to me. This is another problem with a series of those ports: communities port maps for themselves, without asking mappers for permission and often doing poor jobs at it. Some communities have an even sillier behaviour, adding advertisements or spamming their servers’ IPs on maps that were sloppily butchered. That, in the end, results in mappers getting disinterested. Some people may find it flattering (and it’s probably a healthier choice), but in the end people don’t like when something they’ve put time and effort gets butchered for no good reason.

Mapeadores (by its name) should probably keep the standards high to regard both players AND mappers. Eventually, there will be no maps left to port. There are, however, always maps to make if mappers are interested.


No link yet


[B][COLOR=#3d464d]ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_1.bsp with 4 stages + new boss + items[/COLOR][/B]