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[SIZE=16px][COLOR=#3d464d]ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_b6.bsp with 4 stages + new boss + items [/COLOR][/SIZE]


ze_gris_a5_1 (newest version)






ze_rizomata_c16 - newer version, please add it :slight_smile:


There is already a C17 version, but the spawn is broken on level 4


Map name: ze_tilex_possession_v2_10

Map name: ze_stalker_ultimate_v4_4


+1 for Tilex!!!


Hi again
Here’s what I recently found.
Map name: ze_slender_escape_csgo_b7


Well, Hello again…
Map name: ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith_v3_3_ths_5
p.s Several non-critical bugs: black skybox and sometimes black texture. And so it is playable, working special items, levels too.


No, critical bug. The map is trying to accessing a css script file…
Also the map is 402 Mb LOL…


Yeah but can’t release a map that is so unfinished on a server like this ^^
Also 412 MB unpacked… WTF… 153Mo of models XD 119Mb of other textures… But looks sooo promising about played it more finished. It still need alot of work… Really alot.
Who made this port?


I’m not sure what makes a port … but that’s where I found him


Map name: ze_ffxii_feywood_b3_1_n


Map name: ze_mountain_escape_v2_3

I don’t have the download link, i downloaded it via korean server long time ago and it was one of the best map in cs s, it has been ported by someone from css to csgo
the mapper should be Syoudous, i can send it via email or upload it, the bz2 file size is only about 16 Mb, when it is unpacked its about 32 map i think

the map consist many modes, and it was always being extended when it was in css, this map looks working fine in cs go

here are some cliips
[Mean = youtube] RDTOpxJKSEI [/ media]

here is the clip the map was played in css

The map may look a little bit long in terms of running distance, but it is really fun, and tbh it would not be worse than alien mountain, even alien mountain escape map can provide fun, i believe this map is funnier

btw just asking are there ported version of ze_harrypotter and ze_bioshock, both were some great maps in css


Heres the link

it wasnt only being played in korean server, it was also popular in plaguefest in GFL CSS servers few years ago



Nice looking one


another map to be suggested
seems like crashing bugs existed in one year ago version, the mapper fixed it 8 months ago, the latest version uploaded is v5_8

ze_bioshock, one of the best ze maps at css time




  • Kraken fight - fix the bug barrel and explosive zombie, invisible wall prevent the passage of bullets.
  • Kraken fight - modified push wave and vortex.
  • Kraken fight - all items do more damage to the boss.
  • 4,5 level - added stairs instead of a ladder out of the water.
  • 1,2 level - adjusted barricades in the village.
  • Bosses Pirates and Barbossa edited movement.
  • 3 level - boss in some places has not allocated target.
  • Fixed some small visual errors.


Already added.