Admin abuse

Hello everyone,
I’m so tired of some admins thinking they are god or something.
Recently (csgo zombie escape server) I saw an admin muted for no concrete reason an player and I said in voice chat, “admin abuse” something like that. And the admin Semi ( told me, “shut up” and I said “no, you shut up” and just for this he muted me for 4 hours, like wtf??? why those kind of ppl that have 12 year old brains are admins?
I realy like this server, its very nice, its just to bad that this guy is ruining the experience. Also the admin Baster61 ( was online and didnt care.
Please do something about this, thank you.

Dear TheFiddle,

You were shouting in the mic that baster should shut up. I told you that he was leading and that you should be the one that should be quiet. You still wanted to be cocky and continued that we should shut up. Next time maybe be nicer to people who are actually trying to help lead a map.


I don’t think it warrants anyone to know what others were taken action against for. Are we complaining of admins not giving appropriate reasoning for bans, mutes, etc.? From your complaint it’s hard to decipher what you’re … complaining about. Were you muted in this instance or was another player muted?

I saw an admin muted for no concrete reason an player

he muted me for 4 hours

Which is correct? What are you complaining of here exactly?

What are you saying? shouting in the mic? why lying?
I literly just said that without shouting.
And only the leader can talk now?
Even 4 guys elected me as leader just becouse I stood agains your admin abuse and didnt shut up like the rest.
Think you should give up your position, you you doing an terrible job.

I rest my case with this beauty of a reply.

I’m complaining becouse he muted an player for no reason. And then I said “admin abuse” and he “shut up” and I “no, you shut up” and he muted me. I’m complaining becouse he thinks he is a god and just mute people

I checked to confirm and I can’t find such an event occurring on said player being muted “for no reason”. There was a joke mute that occurred that should not have happen on the admins behalf. I’ve spoken to them personally of this because it floods our logs. Perhaps I could speak to the person of it once more but your post conflicts with the admin who joke muted. This happened on behalf of “Baster”, the same guy you were running to. Not Semi. Your attitude though matches the mute you received. You should really calm down.

Even 4 guys elected me as leader just becouse I stood agains your admin abuse and didnt shut up like the rest.

Likely as a joke. All players will react in some way. A random russian child may join, mouth off on the mic and players will react trying to give him leader. Not really surprising.

well, I had joining not to long ago so I didnt know if they were joking, but still. Why mute me just becouse I said “shup up”? They could at least give me a warning or something.

Telling an admin to shut up when leading generally isnt recieved with much joy.

I dont see you as an admin, I see you as a player, I treat you like the normal players. You said to me to shut up and you want me to do that just becouse you said so? I wasnt saying nothing bad, I only said “admin abuse”. And for sure I was calm and not shouting .

You were toxic on the mic. Discussion closed for me.

man, my only words on the voice chat on the whole match was “admin abuse” how the hell is that toxic?

you did bad be a man and stop lying, that do not help anybody.

Again, I agree. You should have been given a warning. But I wasn’t there to say and as said before your attitude here justifies the action a bit. We’re all in this to play for fun so it’s been reduced to 1 hour from 4 hours. Try not to mouth off as you are currently, it’s fine to criticize but not when this becomes satire. You don’t need to reply to every little thing as an attack.

With that being said, this is closed. It doesn’t need to go any further. We move on and keep on playing.