Admin abuse

This nigerian sht “iProbe” i don’t know if he has a life outside this virtual world, thinks himself of doing social task banning for what he thinks hyperscroll i literally don’t know how he arrives in this conclusion, but without any say he bans for a day. I literally want to ask who made a judgement giving this ashole the admin post. Literally i think he has never used a good mouse so he never knows a different and i don’t use hyperscroll i can send the mouse pic. Anyways i don’t care for the consequences be it a permanent ban but that shihole has a shit attitude, literally no one ever warned me even for any such activity and this babon directly bans . This was happening quite often so i want to report that ****.

All this crying makes me think you really had hyperscroll

I am reporting ,since this is not the first time i have been kicked and banned(exclusively by him),i have been kicked a lot of times and banned for the second time ,just only by him everytime i think he is just having fun with me

and tell me who ban for 1 day in second time?