Admin App.-Cliam

Nombre del jugador:
ll Not Cliam ll

Steam ID:

¿Cuántas horas tienes en el servidor? Usa !tiempovip
800 hours.

¿Tienes Discord instalado? ¿Cada cuanto te conectas al Discord de Mapeadores? ¿Tienes micrófono?
Yes I have a microphone.I connect everyday.Yes I have a microphone.

¿Quién te dijo que te unieras a Mapeadores?¿Hace cuánto tiempo lo conoces?
No one. I just found the server looking for Zombie Escape servers to play on.

¿Por qué quieres unirte a la comunidad?
I wanna join to help out in the community by being a contributor to help make the server better.

¿Por qué deberíamos contar contigo? ¿Qué puedes aportar?
You should count on me because I’m active daily on the server.I can help make the server better by being reliable when needed and
I can slso help people if they need a question answered or anything in general.

¿Cuántos años tienes?

¿Tienes experiencia en la administración de servidores?
No I don’t


bruh moment
+1 good friend and leader

+1 good baboon and leader

About time Cliam +1 why not hes fit for the job and his active.

Interacts with the community, is active, and leads most try-hard maps, +1.

+1 from me. Mature player and active leader in mapea. Never seen him purposely griefing or trolling.

Hey, never got to know you better other than a few times we won maps while you lead.
+1 for behavior and maturity (plus i never muted you)

Active and mature player. He leads most of the maps on mapea. Guessing he already knows the admins commands. Friend and trustful player.

For me it’s a yes.

+1 yes from me since he like kpop

no +1 from @Bread Cliam ? wtf lol

this guy ? cliam ?

gay but good

at what ?


and admin ?


might troll n shit can feel it

give him a chance ?

hmm… k

pop ?

yeah k pop