Admin app.


Player Name: Fraz0r

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:20719874

How many hours do you have on the server? Use! Tiempovip
over 130hours played last i checked.

Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to the Mapping Discord? Do you have a microphone?

Who told you to join Mappers? How long have you known him?
I been playing on Mapeadores for over a month now , its the only european server i visit cus of latency.

Why do you want to join the community?
Maybe because sometimes server need`s an admin on the server . Sometimes i notice there is nobody around when we play big maps , and people trolling around , ofc we have !call button but not always an admin show up unknown reason. So i just wanna help out.

Why should we count on you? What can you contribute?
I know about experience with Sourcemod & Sourcebans , i have been admin before on other servers.

How old are you?
28years old

Do you have experience in server administration?
Yes i have good experience with adminstrate server.

Well thats my Application , if i get declined i accept it to be admin is to help out the server.

You guys chooise wisely who are suitable for the job!





hmm i have differend opinions on this since he’s a nice guy overall and i think when people are abusing stuff such as spamming the mic or chat he could be fine to have around but at the other hand he sometimes as it seems doesn’t like to be told something else than his opinion or in other words refuses to listen and might be a little too much of “me me me” but yes even though i see him as a bud i do still have to give my honest opinion and to be honest there’s both “+ and -”

  • so maybe if that kind of act could dissapear i would say “give the man a chance” but due to this i would have to give my opinion as : “let’s wait it out and see how things goes in a near future?”


+rep Very nice person, mature, nice, helpful.

Regards. Kappirano.