Admin application [KZ]

Name Of Player
Play[E]rs / Tenochtitlan

Steam ID:

How many hours do you have on the server? Use !tiempovip
Couldn’t find any way to check playtime on KZ :confused:

Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to the Mapping Discord? Do you have a microphone?
I have Mapeadores installed/connected and do not use microphone !

Who told you to join Mapeadores?
I started to play on ZE server after the pervious server I was playing on closed :frowning: but I’ve heard of mapeadores ZE server long time ago, when you were testing weird maps with water on it (just before cze close I guess)

Why do you want to join the community?
I mostly play on KZ server now,and there’s no admin on unfortunatly witch can cause some troubles :confused:
Also I would like to help populating the server, and Admin stature can be seen as a “cement” a link between propesct players and the community.

How old are you?

Do you have experience in server administration?
I used to be admin in a small servers on CSS (multimod server)

Old/Trustful player, I know he’s really good at KZ, already saw him when i was playing sometimes, for me it’s a yes.


Cancelled since I’ve got a job opportuinity outside my borders, I don’t think I’ll have so much time to play for the comings months.

Good luck with the job. Sounds Exciting!