Admin Application - Qutluch

Player Name:

Steam ID

How many hours do you have on the server? Use !Tiempovip

Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to the Mapeadores Discord? Do you have a microphone?
Yes, discord is installed and I check mapea discord daily and I have a microphone.

Who told you to join Mapeadores? How long have you know it?
I was introduced to mapeadores by HookaSmokah in 2015 and I’ve known and played on the server since then.

Why do you want to join the community?
I’ve been an active player for quite some time and enjoy playing on mapeadores community. However, there has been to much of trolling on the server lately with items and other griefing actions that turns the game bad quickly. I would like to join the community to help uphold and reduce the trolling and keeps the maps and gameplay enjoyable.

Why should we count on you? What can you contribute?
You can count on me because I am an active player that is often online that usually helps the server out, if people have question I usually answer, leads map and keep it generally cool. And will continue to do so as an admin.

How old are you?
27 years old

Do you have experience in server administration?
No I have no experience in server administration.


+rep very great friend and leader, would recommend as admin ^^

100% will be a good admin, very active, very helpful and good leader. +1

One of the best leader on the server right now, very friendly and very active +1 for qut

Good active player and leader, recommended

Good leadership skills, friendly, active player, never trolls and very honest guy.
Im sure he will be excellent admin +1
Ps We need admins… :roll_eyes:

+1 he will cut all the bad seed from our plantation

+1 tire 1 ze leader very kind and friendlly never been toxic im sure he will make mapea better with his admin

King of the Pirates. Friendly and very honest man :+1: :muscle:

+1 cute voice (๑>‿‿<๑)

+rep responsible and friendly

qultuch hell yeah +1 for my guy

+1 Friendly person and a good leader would fit as a admin.

+1, good player, good leader

+1 YES! Very precious guy. (っ◔◡◔)っ