Admin complaint: Polat


I would like to file a complaint about Polat. I got an unwaranted mute without a warning from him. I asked him afterwards and apparently he thought I was talking over the current leader King1982. The only thing I said was “was omg it’s King” and then I asked people to listen to him, because he was an oldschool leader of zeus server and he knows the map. I was in discord with telo, lion and sofix and they didn’t see an issue. But Polat felt I was disturbing the lead. I was at best having a good night, chilling with friends at mapea and excited about an oldschooler joining and leading a map we were trying to win. Then I get banned from voice chat without any warrant. I really feal sad about the way he was treating me, : /

I used to be good friends with polat and hoped a talk over steam could help alleviate the issue and maybe it was a misunderstanding, because we have had some really nice times together. But he was totally cold and hardore and stated that I disturbed voice chat and that was it. I love mapeadores andI dont fell like this is something that is normal.

The reason for this post is not to disciplin Polat, it is just to ask for a more lenient attitude towardards your players.

This was my first day back at mapea for months, so im of course surprised by this. But I hope its just a bad misunderstanding and I can enjoy the server as usual.

Have a nice weekende :slight_smile:

Kind Regards
Jonas (DRS)

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I talked over people a few times, but very rarely, and I really actually tried to promote the leader and people to listen to the leader. Thats why im a bit aggrevated, becaus, I really don’t believe I was destroying the gameplay of anyone. I was f’ing chanting for the team to win. I feel so backstabbed


Did he perma mute u?

No, so it’s not the biggest of deals. The reason im writing this post, was because, I’m so turned over by the fact that I was actually muted, while having a chill friday afternoon with 3 admins of this server (Telo, Sofex, Lion) and to add on that, I was chanting for everyone to win the maps as best to my abilieties. Addind my knowledge og maps, and for some maps staying in the background to chant people better at leading that map. The reason I keep wrtiting is beacause polat still keep hinking he is in the right to mute me. And I really dont think it was warranted.

I was there when all of this happen, i didn’t notice that @DownRankService_Ltd (DRS) got muted, i was focusing on the game i hered hem saying some stuf about king (old school player from zues listen to him), but it doesn’t mean that can get muted IDK, but hey DRS look at the bright side you are not muted anymore.

I even spent a good time with @DownRankService_Ltd
IMG_20191101_234833_175 IMG_20191101_234837_138
It’s fine nothing happened, it’s just a misunderstood.

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BTW, the reason for this post is not to bring hate upon Polat. I really just felt unjust treated and Polat din’t accomodate that. So I hope he at least could get a chill-dude-tap on his shoulder :slight_smile:

DRS ( kiss me beneath the milky twilight )

Blue dont be such a cock tease

I don’t think there’s much to be said but I’ll share what I said to Polat,

[5:43 PM] Syoudous: I think it’s fine. nobody is above others. the mute (respectively, ignoring the joke mutes) was a bit lengthy especially for someone who is a regular and known not to spam up. it’s not too big of a concern and not really worth an admin complaint thread.

I think I warned you even previously on one of your drunk plays. The only mistake here was the mute length (which has already long expired) was a bit excessive. There isn’t much else to do other than to move on from it even if action was taken. The heads up is appreciative but really, it’s kind of silly to take any real action here supporting one or the other.

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Fair enough, I dont’t know what the mute lenght was before, or after. I still don’t see when it was ever waranted, because the whole chat I had on discord and abroad was laid back and focused on winning maps. THAT’S WHY IM SO SURPRISED… Anyways good on ya’ I can no longer count Polat as a friend, but still hope to have other pleasant experiences on this server, peace out… :slight_smile:

I can not see any problem, I did what I saw is right to do, but looks like DRS is a little sensitive because he muted from a friend. If you say that youdid not get warned, you need to look on tha chat because I wrote it on the chat I use bind for Stop Spamming.
If i have friends in the server that doesn’t mean that I will not mute, kick them or ban them if they do anything wrong.
Friendship doesn’t build on that.

As a an addendum, after the fact, and a reply to polats message.

It is what it is, if I were friends with someone as an admin and I know that guy is not someone who normally runs around sabotaging gameplay by spamming, I would make sure he saw my message, maybe just give him a friendly steam message. Cause you know friends can pull eachother on the shoulder and say hey dude will you chill a little in the voice chat.

Text chat has a lot of text all the time with a full server and you can easily miss it. Done is done and it was only a short mute, so it is what it is. But I think you have a poor character, judgement and attitude.

I hope for other people on the server, if they have been trying to help win maps by leading and giving auditory clues to the players about how to win and dont come off as neccesarily wanting to spam and sabotage by speaking over a leader (which was what you told me I did). Then I hope you would have a little more faith in them and be less trigger happy on that mute button. Might be a better experience for players in general.

Regarding the complaint I retract it, since it is over a minor thing and I agree mostly with what Syodous wrote. But I just think Polat, you should revisit your attitude.

Anyways thanks for the games yesterday whoever joined, and grats on Halloween win :smiley: