Admun abooooose by a jealous dane¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yeah the ban is small but its unjust for sure,
first he dies with money and i wrote GG no money noob money something like that and get a gag, then next round I was banned for saying GG in mic when stefan took money again. I’m just saying danes have been jelous of the swedes ¯_(ツ)_/¯

First off. The ban wasn’t placed due to that 1 game, it was placed due to u being told to stop multiple times and wouldn’t stop being a jerk. The fact that u can’t accept the ban and just come back next time with a better mental and a less shitty affair says alot. Also whats with the being jealous thing? has nothing to do with what actually happened in the game and more a personal thing from your side.

  • If you want to call out an admin abuse don’t give out the half story and make yourself seem like the victim. In an actual case u could of said sorry and i would be more than open to talk about it since i do understand that u could of had a bad day. But since this is not the case i wont. Come back with a better attitude after the ban is over and stop making urself the victim when we both know ur only attention was to be a jackass.

what being a jerk to whom

The ban was removed and the gag was reduced to an hour. I’ve spoken to Stefan on this and can’t come to a real conclusion of it. Logs say things differently while two parties say something else entirely. I think we can agree honestly of one thing.

If an admin tells you to stop, you stop. No nonsense, no noise. That’s where the gag sticks and 1 hour is fair enough. The ban itself was overkill. We can all agree on that. No fret.