Aimbot (spaick

Aimbot should not be allowed because it give unfair advantage for player that want to be top damage its just dumb for example Spaick he is using aimbot and it make him being alway top 1 damage and we can’t do annathing about it it doesn’t make any sense skilled player need to be recompensed or they will stop playing its normal.


if he used any aimbot/script whatever admins has plugins for that, hes just another pointfarmer.
And who cares about the points or topdamage. just play for fun.

I doubt that Spaick or anyone on the Server is using Aimbot or any other kind of Hacks that benefit the Player. Its not Hard to be #1 in Damage, just buy a Negev and aim for the Head lulw


True, it doesn’t matter the points your doing by dealing dmg, but still people that play on the server get offended by that. (not me tho)

Its not aimbot he just tryharding with negev and focus the head. Even when we fight a boss he still shooting the zombies😂

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