Application for Admin - Hunterzzz

Name Of Player

Steam ID:

How many hours do you have on the server? Use !tiempovip
65 hours

Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to the Mapping Discord? Do you have a microphone?
I have Discord installed with a microphone. Unfortunately, I don’t know the discord address but I would love to hang out.
Who told you to join Mapeadores?
I’ve been playing on multiple zombie escape servers over the years partly because I got bored of standard shooting. I found the server myself as I’ve seen it constantly being full in the server list and that’s how I started playing.

Why do you want to join the community?
I mostly play on Zombie Escape maps and the reason I wanna join is because the server at night is heavily populated by the same griefers over and over and nothing is done about them. I’ve experienced constant trolling on the server, constant mic spam and constant griefing which is sad because I believe that the server is amazing but the griefing situation just kills it. The problem I see is that not enough admins are overwatching the server which leads to a bad experience for everyone overall (Just alone this one night the server barely passed any maps because of constant griefers and edgers which are all the same people). If you put me as an admin or at least a moderator I can help fix these issues in the server in regards to griefing and trolling to make the overall experience better for everyone. (OFC I will follow the server rules).
How old are you?

Do you have experience in server administration?
Back in the days, I used to have it, but it was such a very long time that I don’t remember it at all. If you can show me I can learn quickly I’m a fast learner

Hey. You see to become an admin of this server you have to play at least 350-400h. But still wish you a good luck

I understand that, but is it maybe possible to get atleast somekind of downgraded admin maybe? I just wanna help improve the experience in the server as a whole. If you want we can talk right now through discord if its cool with you.

Busy right now, but we can talk today later somewhere 8 pm server time

Ok sure thank you very much S0feX. Is it maybe possible to get the adress of the server discord as I couldn’t find it… :confused:

@Morell can u delete this application or close this case. Everything is settled

Hero we have but dont deserve ^

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