Baboon history month on babooneadores

I studied baboon major in uni, recommend read from me to everyone.


And, short story…

lildark growndark act1 act2 act3




major’s kitchen today

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admins should no longer be banning others (they have been told) as we kind of remedied some backend issues a tidbit at time of writing.

Can you elaborate please? Admins now can only kick/mute ppl?daheck

Picture of me, joining mapea, in previously not shitshow hours in future -


We had database issues. If you read of a major fire that occurred in France, we were impacted by it. Everything of ours in servers & databases were completely lost. The other half which kept the server running was not impacted as much. Our admins decided to remedy this by throwing bans for mute/gags. This wasn’t necessary anymore on their behalf as it’s no longer needed. Nothing more really. You know as much as I do and everyone else on it. It sucks but that’s the situation we’re currently in and still waiting for our provider to give us another server.

Got it, thanks for response!