Banneado 1 semana por que si (?) - A ver… Soy el chico que se llama de nickname ‘‘raul is high+’’ y me gustaria saber el motivo del ban por que es que, que me den ban y encima sin motivo no lo entiendo… xd

Hey, it was me, who banned you. The reason of the ban is you were using hyperscroll, so next time don’t use cheats

Bro, im not do hyperscroll dafuq (?) But it’s okay i think. If u want to see my pc to see i dont use anything… add me on steam.

I think SoFeX may have jumped the gun a bit here with the length. However, we don’t quite welcome hyperscrolling. I’ve checked logs and you’ve so far been repeatedly doing this as early as Tuesday, for 3 days.

e.g. A free scrolling wheel on mouse that is performing a very high amount of commands to perform jumps. An outside program performing jump commands at an interval. etc.

On topic, 1 week is way overkill. It’s been reduced fairly to 12 hours. We don’t need to see your pc. The server automatically tells us, as admins, if players are actively being naughty. In this case, you are very much being naughty. It’s not a big deal, it really isn’t. Just don’t do it here.

Yeap, it’s my fault for pressing wrong button. There should be not 1 week, but one day instead. For this accident, i am very sorry raul

Hey, but is that I have a cfg as soon as I jump or move with the keys a, w, d, s I change the color cursors and the hud also so can that why …?

No problem <3, I think the ban was correct :smiley: