Banned by Telo

Hello Mapeadores community,

I have played on your servers since 2017 and have Oro VIP and i recieved my first ban today by Telo on the server for some unknown reason.

We were playing pirates port royal, and i had taken sword. Because there was 8 zombies i decided to just fall back and save sword to kraken fight. Next thing i know telo bans me, so is this against rules, and why did Telo not warn me before the ban?

Before you was trolling with sword, you had taken bubbles and you didn’t use it.
Save an item who’s up every minute is useless, even if you want to wait until the bossfight.
Telo didn’t warn you, but me yes and other players too, you got a ban, that’s what you deserve.

first ill have to apologise cause i think my mic was muted and i didnt know and i was warning you there multiple times, but spaick is right here you where not using items getting your teamates killed even tho they told you to use them and just running off, ill try to get your ban shortend a bit sience you do not deserve 2 hours sience i didnt know my mic was muted, but in the future, if your unsure with an item, listen to your team, its fine to pick them up even if you dont know how to use them as long as you listen on what to do with them, not just getting your own idees screwing over your team

Trolling is a very subjective thing, my intention was far from trolling, but rather keep the item safe, since noobs usually die with items on kraken. We were 45 humans vs 8 zombies, i highly doubt using the sword would have made any difference at all, and we did indeed make it to the kraken
You were the one who started insulting me, calling me retard and whatnot, yet i dont see Telo taking action against you? Shota was dropping items to pick up other items, yet Telo did nothing but gag-ungag him just for fun? What is this admin behavior on the server?

Is it trolling when TLNE people decides to use wall on me to block, or when TLNE people refuse to heal because of “trim”?

Hello Telo, thanks for your reply, i appreciate it.

It is hard to respond to your teammate on using the sword when you are already halfway across the map, unless speedhack is used, i highly doubt i couldve used the items at the right time.

You know that we told all the ppl to not take items if you dont know when and how to use it. We told you more times to use it but nothing happen so people actualy died maybe lose a round cuz of one mistake. Items important for some maps btw it decides wether you win or lose.

Back in the days where Unorth was admin, i was told that it is not against the rules to pick up an item if you dont know how to use it, and if we were fewer humans than 45 humans vs 8 zombies, sure i would have used the item to defend. I may be unaware of a rule change since then?

I think its just a mistake hope ull get unban

Too lazy to answer you something so yes i insulted you cuz im fed up with trollers, and TNLE clan is dead


ofc you can pick up items, as i said, but you have to listen to your teammates if you are unsure on how to use it, and if there is no leader, maybe a bit of common sense tells you that there is no one to tell you how to use it, so you might want to let someone else take it? anyway ill try to get you unbanned sience this seems like a misstake from both parties, so just dont do this again and all is good in the world

also btw this forum is dead, go here instead

Ok, thanks for helping Telo

did this guy just call us dead