Banned by Telo

Post deleted since nothing will be done anyways.
Hope you are happy with that Telo…

Im too lazy to read this shit, but the only thing i know is you trolled by nominating diddle 4 hours before “the unofficial diddle event”. We make a vote and it was today, apparently you weren’t able to play tonight, but at 9:30pm you join. Stop complain even if it’s abuse, if you can’t understand, you must have low IQ.

Yes the Vote, the vote where you used multiple Votes ? i mean you even said that you gave multiple Votes on that Shit. I still dont think that this is worth a Ban. Yes i was there at 9.30pm, i said i cancelled my Plans earlier Today. You cant just make a Vote for 5 Days, and expect everyone on the Server to accept that, when only 30+/- People voted for it. Its not a Reason to ban someone for that.

+rep telo
Server rules
1.) If you act as a jerk, expect the same in return. ’'
but you are more then a jerk ur one of the lowest players on the server.
racisme trolling, trash talking. and then u cry about the ban that you deserved
hahahahaah imagine didnt know u were that stupid

thats not the reason i got banned for lol, i got banned because telo was mad at me Nominating a map
if you can send me some Clips where im trolling i admit that, im also always saying that everything i say is a Joke so all those things that are ‘‘racism’’ in your eyes are not serious. But yeah pretend like you never do something wrong lol

i feel like this Post isnt going anywhere since its looking like the Admins dont care anyways (as i had some Private Conversations with some of them)
i will just delete it
I also know that Telo is always ignoring those Posts about him because he said it many times lol

Don’t blame me for your mistakes. You are the one banned not me and i didn’t say u got banned for the those reason. obv it because you couldn’t show up at the event and desided to nominate diddle to ruin it for the other players. And then u still show up anyway. thats low man :nauseated_face:

Lol im not banned, i never said i was banned bcs of that you came up with that for some reason. I mean this is really going nowhere, telo doesnt have the Balls to stand up for his actions, fine, i removed the Post, i guess i have to accept that makes no sense talking about this with you Guys. Yes it was a Stupid action and it was pretty low i never said the opposite and i even admitted it many times, i even apologized, thats why i was confused about the Ban and still am but yeah he thinks it was right do it, many others that i asked said the opposite. Lets just leave it here and not talk about it. Its done, it wont be deleted.

look who’s crying now … aaaaahhhaaahaaahaaahaaaaa

ban this donkey for life !!

ya heard ? fly like a biirrrdd :crazy_face:

donkeys will never fly

in case someone missed it here’s most of it