Cannot connect to the server

I can’t connect to the server, Failed after retrying 30 times.
Any other server works.

Hi, try restarting your game or steam and let me know if it helped.

I sent you the rest on discord as if this way wouldn’t work.

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hey i have the same problem, i tried router,uninstal csgo can’t fix it so if you have any solution ill be glad to try it :slight_smile:

Well, It got fixed, I don’t know why it’s happening.
It happens very frequently

ill wait, but it’s been month now :frowning:

Hi, I can’t log in right now. I try, but without success. :frowning:

Server restarted just now, maybe this is the problem, try again.

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Updated things on the back end. Should be solid now at time of Morell’s writing.