Complain Against Zein

Too much abuses language and trolling he bring people in the server Indian or not dont who they are are but keep spamming mic saying bad words and this is been going on for a month … They are Many Troller and players in zombie server should be taken care of

He is also been talking crap about my mother and a lot of shit in the server pleas check his logs and ban him he dose have some kind of Steam hacks or something his name changes and he keep log with new ids to spam and do the same shit over and over again…

Hi, !call is there as a command in-game that you may use freely (unless you’ve been naughty yourself) to ‘call’ admins and let them know something is going down if no admin is playing.

Alternatively, you may use player admin chat by typing in team chat starting with ‘@’ to let admins know something may be wrong.

okay :+1:
thanks for the support